‘​It could be that Chile’s claim favors Peru,’ assures Juan Carlos Oblitas before the Chilean appeal for Byron Castillo’s actions | Soccer | Sports

Peru entered the play of Chilewhich claims the performance of defender Byron Castillo in the Ecuadorian soccer team. The Bicolor is a “unexpected” guest for the appeal of the Redeven with options to be better positioned in case the Tricolor is sanctioned.

Juan Carlos Oblitas He is the sports director of the Peruvian national teams and consulted by the Chilean newspaper Third left some impressions what the open process in FIFA represents for his selection.

The first thing that Oblitas clarifies is that “These qualifiers have been, in general, messy”referring to the game between Brazil and Argentina, pending to be played, despite the fact that the tie ended in March.

“There’s not much to do. To wait no more”, says Oblitasthat entering the conflict It is hoped that “Peru will go straight to fourth place” of the table, if Chile’s request manages to get Ecuador out of the World Cup path.

not ideal, sportily speaking, but I can’t be cynical. Eye. Let’s not forget that in the previous tie the thing with Bolivia happened. That is why the best thing at this time is to wait cautiously to see the final ruling, which, I insist, hopefully it will be quick”, says Oblitas.

The case mentioned by the former attacker of the Bicolor is that of Nelson Cabrera, a Paraguayan nationalized Bolivian player whose performance was demanded by the Chileans, in the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, an issue that ultimately favored Peru to play the playoffs, something that Oblitas considers can be repeated: “It could be that Chile ends up favoring Peru. Yes, it is a possibility,” he said.

Although the option is on the table, Oblitas commented that his team prefers not to lose the horizon and focus efforts on June 7 playoff against the winner of the match between Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

“We already have the logistics ready to travel to Barcelona (Spain) at the end of the month, play a friendly there with New Zealand and, four days before the playoff game, travel to Qatar. We can’t think of anything else. If FIFA fails before, we will see, but we continue with our initial planning”, he indicated.

“In fact, what is expected is that the failure is as fast as possible”, commented Oblitasbefore what would be a possibility of winning the direct quota to Qatar 2022. (D)

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