It goes to my shelves…”

Lionel Messi surprised everyone a few hours ago by posting a video on his Instagram account, in which he revealed his collaboration with the Lays brand, which is also a sponsor of the Champions League.

In audiovisual, La Pulga receives a special box in the middle of a recording studio, which contained the packaging of potatoes with his face in dark tones and golden details, so he could not hide his surprise when he saw it.

“This goes to my trophy rack”commented Lionel Messi at the end of the video, in which it was announced that the collaboration with the athlete has gone further and will have a limited edition with special packaging, without mentioning where in the world it will be available.

Later, the brand only commented that the packaging would also bear the acronym GOAT, which stands for “The best player of all time”and that the background design would feature crowns and the number 10, which represented the PSG striker for years, who now wears number 30 with the club.

Messi’s relationship with brands

It must be remembered that Messi agrees to be the image of a brand, but he is very selective in choosing it, so it is not common to see his face on many products, but rather on specific campaigns, especially if they have a direct impact. relationship with him football.

Thanks to this, the athlete has been the image of Pepsi at the time of the World Cups or of Gatorade to promote a particular football tournament, in addition to being the image of certain clothing companies such as Adidas, with who he has worked since 2016.

In 2018, he starred with Neymar in an environmental campaign run by Mastercard and his influence on the market and the world of football was even recognized by Cirque du Soleil, who designed and performed a show inspired by the most highlights of his life.

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