IT IS A FACT! Paunovic sentenced the immediate future of José Juan Macías and Santiago Ormeño with Chivas

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The Guadalajara coach gave the news about his attackers and explained the position of the club and the board.


in the middle of the injuries to Alexis Vega and Antonio Briseño Good news has begun to emerge regarding the recovery of footballers who had an injury, so a fundamental player for the rojiblanco team, José Juan Macías, is about to return to work with the rest of the squad to make himself available to the strategist Veljko Paunovic.

The Guadalajara attacker is in lThe final stretch of his recovery from an anterior cruciate ligament injuryso after several months of rehabilitation, the 23-year-old striker finally he will start working alongside his colleagues starting next week, as confirmed by the Serbian coach.

“Macías, on Monday he is going to join the group, at least he is going to do part of the work. Already he practically has a medical discharge one hundred percent, so what we want is to manage very well and manage the numbers we have”, Paunovic explained at a press conference.

For his part, the European strategist confirmed that The desire of the board of directors and the coaching staff is to find accommodation for Santiago Ormeñoso they do not have it contemplated for this semester because he considers that he has other options above him.

“We have spoken with him. the club and we are aligned with the decision, we believe that we have options, that we consider to be ahead of him, has been communicated to the player. His attitude hasn’t changed in training, we don’t have any problem with him. We will respect his contract and himself (…) There is no change and we will continue to give the support the player needs”, explained the Serbian helmsman.

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