“It is a mistake to include in the bulletin also the asymptomatic and those with other pathologies” – Corriere.it

from Cesare Zapperi

The president of Veneto invites to review the classification of Covid cases. And he says no to the weekly bulletins: “Can you imagine how many suspects in the absence of data?”

“The definition of the Covid case must be changed”. Luca Zaia, president of Veneto, looks with interest at the latest indications coming from the ECDC (European Center for the Prevention and Control of Diseases) which invite us to review the parameters with which data relating to Covid infections are collected.

What do you ask?

“With the utmost respect, I ask the Scientific Technical Committee to evaluate whether it is possible to introduce this classification in Italy as well (I am also aware that the asymptomatic could still be a problem)”.

What are you referring to?

“Today, for a subject to be classified as a Covid case, it is sufficient that he test positive for a swab. From the ECDC, which is the European reference point in this matter, another solution is proposed to us. There must be two conditions ».


“Having a respiratory illness or a flu syndrome and, I stress, be positive for a swab. There is a Covid case only if both conditions are met “.

What does this mean?

“It means that we no longer have to consider the asymptomatic and focus on those who are really sick. This is said by a research center which in Europe is a kind of Bible. It’s not like we can take what he says for good only on a feast day ».

What other indications have you given that are not being acknowledged?

“He has long argued that in the face of the strong circulation of the virus, it is necessary to resort to do-it-yourself tampons”.

Who already uses them?

“In Germany, England and France they even give them to schoolchildren. Two free tampons per week. So it becomes almost a game while we invented, in high school, that with two positive cases the self-monitoring is triggered which then means going to the pharmacy to swab. That’s not how it works. ”

Still on the numbers of Covid cases, do you have more to say?

“Yes, it is from the beginning that they have argued that there is a small component of subjects who are classified as infected by Covid but who in reality are anything but”.

Give an example.

“A woman who has to give birth when she enters the hospital takes a swab. If it is positive, even if it does not show any symptoms, it will be added to the accounting of Covid cases. This risks making us exceed certain parameters. If you want, I’ll give you another example ».


«In Verona, out of 131 patients who are infected, 50 are infected only by chance, certainly not because of the symptoms. After all, this is also what happens with deaths. A terminally ill patient who dies of an oncological disease if he tests positive for the swab is a case of Covid. It is a distortion ».

Do you realize that in this way you risk giving reason to those who say that the numbers are inflated?

“Let’s not joke. We are talking about a very small share that does not justify the theses of the flat-earthers at all ».

So what are you asking?

«I ask the CTS to examine the ECDC indications and to evaluate their application also in Italy. Tell us with what limits. I have the utmost respect for their work and I stick to their judgment ».

President, what do you think of the idea of ​​disseminating the data only once a week instead of every day?

«Nowadays, you have data when you want and how you want. If anything, it seems to me that there are at least three different subjects who spread the same figures every day. Perhaps here, if only for cost reasons, we should rationalize ».

It is said that spreading numbers every day can lead to fear or panic.

«I have chosen to speak every day because citizens have to live this path together with us. I understand that an excess of numbers can create a bit of disorientation. But when you have 20,000 infected a day, not saying it would be wrong. The problem, perhaps, is another ».

Meaning what?

«The methods and contents of communication. Let’s take the Omicron variant. By some it was sold as a kind of cold, perhaps a little stronger than usual. This is largely true, but there are also those who are affected and end up in intensive care. Correct information, therefore, is essential ».

And it must be continuous.

“Imagine what suspicions would arise if the contagion data were not disclosed for a week? In a few days we have gone from 800 to 20 thousand cases. Is it conceivable not to disclose the surge in contagion? “

Is it better to continue spreading the daily bulletins?

“Right now there is no doubt. I repeat, I understand some concerns but we must prevent urban legends from being born. We don’t really need it. ‘

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