‘It is a small team in Mexico’; Tito Formiliano makes Necaxa less

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Fabricio Formiliano got into the controversy on a radio in Uruguay, since he spoke about what it meant to go from playing in Penarol a Necaxawhere he arrived in 2021, and cataloged them as a ‘small team’ of the MX League.

“It’s a bit of everything too, you miss the day after spending four years there, you live totally different, it’s something else, the world is another Penarolwith the world I’m in now (Aguascalientes), I don’t know it’s from a giant team with all due respect to the Necaxa Club, a small team within Mexico and it is another type of fan”, he told Peloteando.

titus He is a key piece in the team he leads Jaime Lozanowhere he is the captain and played 16 games in the Closure 2022of which he was a starter in 15.

He apologizes for his statements

However, his words did not sit well with the people following the Rayhence had to apologize for his statements on Uruguayan radio.

“First apologize to Club Necaxa, directors, colleagues and their people, if they felt offended, it was not my intention. Second, I think the comparison I made was misunderstood. I never wanted to disrespect anyone, much less the club that today gives me work and trusts me,” he posted on Instagram.

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