It is already known where Rodolfo Pizarro is going to play; he goes for his revenge Halftime

To Rodolfo Pizarro, during his time with Pachuca and Chivas he had a promising futuresince he had a lot of quality in his game, for which he immediately stood out and was even called to the Mexican National Team.

However, after leaving the Sacred Flock, where he reached his best level, his performance on the field was down with Monterrey and later with Inter Miami, an MLS team where he could not shine, so he returned to Liga MX.

However, despite the fact that he has had sparks, Pizarro has not been able to rebound, so he no longer had a place in Rayados after his loan ended and he had to return to Miami, where they did not have him contemplated either.

Where is Pizarro going to play?

In recent weeks, the Mexican attacker went viral, since having no team, He was training alone at the Jaiba Brava Stadium in Tampico, Madero.

However, it seems that a ray of sun begins to illuminate Rodolfo Pizarro, once the coach of Inter Miami of the MLS, Phil Neville, assured that they have the Mexican for the next season and hope that it can finally exploit its full potential.

“We see him as a new player. I think it’s fair to say that in his first season things didn’t go so well for him or for the team. I think last year was important for him. This is his last year with Inter Miami.

“He loves being at the club, he loves being in the city. He returns to a new environment. This is a new beginning. We know his abilities, and the main challenge for Rodolfo is to return to the team,” said the Briton.

Until when do you have a contract with Inter?

Rodolfo Pizarro He will face his last year of contract with Inter Miami. Despite his ability to migrate to European soccer, the Mexican attacker chose to join David Beckham’s team.

The man from Tampa arrived in the MLS for 2020, but could not stand out, so he was loaned to Monterrey until last December, where the purchase option was not valid.


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