It is confirmed that there will be a sequel to the film that captivated Stephen King

Fall landed in theaters last summer, an intense movie of survival that came to fascinate Stephen King himself, who described the tape as a truly terrifying experience and also acknowledged that he would have liked to write his script.

Starring Grace Fulton and Virginia Gardner, the plot of Fall revolves around Becky, a young mountaineer who hasn’t taken up her favorite sport since she lost a loved one during a climb.

One day, a climber named Hunter convinces Becky to overcome her fears and accompany her to climb to the top of a tall abandoned communications tower located in the middle of the desert.

Although the escalation seemed to go by completely normally, Just as they are about to reach the top, the ladder breaks and they are trapped at the top of the tower.with no apparent possibility of being able to go down to the remaining flight of stairs.

At 600 meters above the ground and totally far from civilization, the young women will put their expert climbing skills to the test and fight desperately to survive even when everything is against them.

Fall promises to return to theaters with a dizzying sequel


Trailer for Fall, a high-rise thriller that hits theaters in October

As reported by Deadline, production company Tea Shop Productions and director Scott Mann are preparing a sequel to Fall in view of the great success achieved with the film in theaters, which raised 22 million dollars using a budget of 5 million.

“We were pleasantly surprised how everyone has such a visceral reaction. It’s one of those movies where word of mouth really helps.said James Harris, one of the founders of Tea Shop Productions.

“It’s easy for people to pick up a transmitter. You can see the concept in the poster image and we found that if people try it out, they’re instantly hooked”declared Mark Lane, the other founder of the production company.

Speaking of the sequel, the producers assured that they are already considering ideas for the new film, but they seek to do something original and impressive that resembles as little as possible what was seen in the previous installment.

“We have a couple of ideas that we’re looking at… We don’t want to do something that feels like an imitation or less than the first”Harris stated.

At the moment not much is known about the fall sequelso we will be waiting for any news about this new film in which I am sure Stephen King I would be interested in participating.

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