It is incurable, there are 79 diseases associated with it… but it is treatable!

COPD: It can’t be cured, it’s progressive, there are 79 comorbidities… but it can be treated!Photo: realworkhard

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) it’s a disease prevalent, preventable and treatable It affects both men and women around the world.


  • this is a Chronic inflammatory pulmonary disease that obstructs the passage of air into the lungs,

  • In most cases, the disease is caused by inhalation of tobacco smoke over a long period of time and hence, Are of smokers worst hit However they are not alone.

in our country, The prevalence of COPD in the population aged 40 to 80 is 11.8%, But these percentages may be much higher because according to the COPD group of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI), it is estimated that Underdiagnosis of this pathology is approximately 80%.,

Furthermore, every year, It is estimated that this disease kills more than 13,500 people in Spain. (13,808 in 2019) and is the main pathology behind approximately 3 million deaths worldwide.

COPD, a disease that pulse oximeter can help us detect

copd symptoms

A characteristic of this respiratory disease is also that Symptoms do not appear in the beginning of the diseaseWhen they begin to affect the alveoli, the bronchi dilate and the lungs begin to produce more mucus than normal.

As explained Dr. Ruth Martin De DiegoMember of the Respiratory Pathology Group of the Spanish Society of General and Family Physicians (SEMG).

“The symptoms are:

  • difficulty breathing

  • cough

  • production of mucus

  • Wheezing.

“They do not usually appear until significant damage has occurred to the lungs, and they usually worsen over time, especially with exposure to the main causative agent (for example, tobacco) ”

apart from being one deformity that takes time to show its facehas the following constants, as Doc shows us:

  • ,There is no cure for this.

  • it’s a disease progressivewhich worsens over time

  • fortunately it is polite, with proper management

  • mostly people Good control of symptoms can be achieved And quality of life.”

Experts have warned of increase in respiratory diseases among women due to tobacco.

Women with COPD have higher rates of shortness of breath, depression and osteoporosis, but lower mortality rates.

In-spite of this Gender is not a risk factor For the development of chronic obstructive disease, general medical experts are looking at how the prevalence of COPD and Smoking-related respiratory diseases are on the rise among women in Spain,

And we must remember that 16.4% of women are regular smokers. Therefore, according to Dr. Martin:

  • “Could be COPD Health problems are increasing in women alsoAnd a change in its approach is necessary.”

Despite this, the diagnosis of COPD in our country is higher among women than men.

Differences in COPD between men and women

To resolve this gender difference in the diagnosis of COPD, Dr. Martin has analyzed whether this pathology presents differences in women compared to men. And the conclusion is yes.

According to recent studies and research, women with COPD:

  • severe dyspnea (shortness of breath)

  • poor health related quality of life

  • more anxiety

  • the great Depression

  • poor nutritional status

  • More osteoporosis.

Other differences regarding men are:

  1. Women who have this disease more intensity

  2. On the other hand, unlike men, they suffer Lower readmission and mortality rates Decreases due to COPD.

Women with COPD face breathing problems, osteoporosis and depression more than men

79 diseases related to COPD

Dr. Belen Alonso and Jesus Diez ManglanoSEMI COPD Group members report that so far the total “79 comorbidities associated with COPD.”

According to the ECCO and ESMI study conducted by this working group, Most frequent comorbidities This group of patients included:

  • arterial hypertension.

  • Dyslipidemia.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Heart failure.
  • Irregular heartbeat.

  • ischemic heart disease.

Nose glasses to help improve oxygen flow in patients with COPD and other respiratory diseases

In addition to these, trainees point to other pathologies that “although less frequent – such as gastroesophageal reflux, chronic liver disease, lung neoplasm, or depression “These are no less important and, of course, should not be ignored.”

The importance of knowing the comorbidities associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is that it can significantly improve the care provided by internal medicine services to COPD patients.

,Correct approach and treatment of comorbidities associated with COPD This is the key:

  • Improve patient’s quality of life

  • reduce the number of exacerbations

  • reduce morbidity and mortality

  • Avoid hospitalization.

“Therefore, it is necessary to actively seek co-morbidities in both the acute phase and stable phase of the disease.”

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