“It is not an example of anything”

President Gustavo Petro ordered this Wednesday the suspension of the decree that he issued on the formalization of the bilateral ceasefire with the ELN, since the measure will be discussed in depth in the second cycle of peace talks with that armed group.

Following the announcement by the Cordovan head of state, Rodrigo Londoño, popularly known as Timochenko, made himself available to the national government to achieve the so-called “total peace” in the country. In addition, he stated that his experience could be key during the negotiations.

“I make available to the Colombian Government, the ELN and other armed organizations the collective experience that led to the signing of the Final Peace Agreement. It is an experience that we peace signatories keep. A patrimony that belongs to the nation and to humanity”, accurate.

María Fernanda Cabal, who is one of the main opposition leaders in Colombia, did not like the idea of ​​the ex-FARC guerrilla at all and assured on her personal Twitter account that the only experience Londoño has is making fun of the Justice.

“The experience of having been the commander of the Farc terrorist guerrilla, who kidnapped, murdered, raped and mocked justice. Agreement that is not an example of anything, because today the FARC-EP wants to negotiate ‘peace’ with the Petro government. Haven’t they disappeared?” the congresswoman sentenced.

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