It is one of the most curious platform games in recent years, and now it comes to iOS and Android: Pompom The Great Space Rescue promises a lot on mobile devices – IOS

Mobile gamers are in luck with what will be a 2023 full of great releases. A new cycle that will have premieres such as Honkai: Star Rail or, hopefully, the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis. However, the year has been opened by a somewhat less ambitious project. Is about Pompom: The Great Space Rescuea platform adventure that already debuted on Steam and Nintendo Switch over the past year and now comes to iOS and android. Without being a best seller, it is a very interesting title that has received very good opinions from the players.

Pompom’s premise is somewhat particular. Although it is a platform game, we will not control the protagonist. Instead, he automatically drifts to the side, jumping whenever he can’t keep up. Our role will be place platforms to give you safe areas to land on or place barriers that block enemies. We are the ones who have to make sure that this adorable hamster reaches his goal. A situation that translates into very simple controls and that, surely, have adapted very well to mobile devices.

To all this we still have to add a retro artistic section that drinks from Mario’s best appearances in Super Nintendo titles and an almost perfect musical choice. Players who have already tried it on Steam or Nintendo Switch mainly complained about the difficulty spikes towards the final levels. However, in general there has been a very good feeling with the game. He resisted making his way to the general public, but it was more a matter of marketing than quality.

There are still a few unknowns regarding the mobile version, but Pompom promises to be one of the most pleasant surprises of 2023 and coming very soon to iOS and Android. The trial version will be available for free, requiring an in-app payment to enjoy the full game. We must lose our fear of paying for titles on our phones if we believe it is worth it And while we can’t decide yet if this is one of those cases, we’ll certainly try it out as soon as we get the chance. After the first levels, we will decide.

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