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The 3D printed eye is more lifelike than traditional acrylic prosthetic and is designed to have “clearer definition and real depth to the pupil,” the hospital said in a statement. The new technology will also reduce the time it takes for patients to have an ocular prosthesis (from six to two to three weeks).

The production process, in fact, is much faster. Traditional acrylic prosthetic eyes are hand painted and take approximately six weeks to complete. With 3D printing, once scanned, the prosthesis can be printed within two and a half hours. It is then sent to an ophthalmologist to refine, polish and adapt. The whole process takes only two to three weeks. In addition to appearing more realistic, the procedure is also considered less invasive.

Professor Mandeep Sagoo, an eye care consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital, said staff are “thrilled” by the potential of a fully digital ocular prosthesis. “We hope that the next clinical trial will provide us with solid evidence on the value of this new technology, showing the difference it makes for patients. It clearly has the potential to reduce waiting lists.”

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