It is women who lead the action against “climate change”

It is known in nature the more organized companies, more effective and more resilient to change they are matriarchal ones. And as it happens with bees, ants and elephants – that in the female specimen they identify the guide and hope for the next generations – so it is also in the realm of mankind., the portal that promotes meetings between career women and younger men, conducted a survey on trend “Green” of women. «In career women more and more often choices oriented to the prevail preservation of the environment, sustainable development and the future “ summarizes Alex Fantini, founder of the portal who also drew up a Top-5 models of the “Green revolution”.

The reference models? They range from Miranda Kerr (38 years old) – ambassador of “Earth Hour” (movement involving 2 billion people worldwide) – a Cate Blanchett (52 years old), at the forefront of the installation of solar panels in rural areas of Africa, as well as ambassador of theAustralian Conservation Foundation, against pollution e against the danger of extinction of every living being.

Then there is also Jessica Alba (40 years), who with the project “Honest Beauty” created a line of make-up particularly attentive to the impact on the environment. “I wanted to create a brand in which I can concentrate the basic values ​​of my life: honesty, sustainability, transparency And cleaning stresses the actress.

And then again Natalie Portman (40) —The beautiful Israeli actress who has always been a champion of animal rights and environmental sustainability— e Charlize Theron (46), a fervent activist of human rights and in particular of women’s rights who closes the Top-5 of

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