It lasts less than 2 hours and is the most watched on Netflix: Ryan Reynolds’ new movie set in 2050

Attention fans of action, adventure, science fiction and Ryan Reynolds. Less than two weeks ago, Netflix added a film to its vast catalog that combines comedy with shots and a touch of sci-fi and today it is the most watched on the platform.

It is neither more nor less than The Adam Project. The successful film lasts just over 106 minutes and features the participation of megastars Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo and a great cast.


Liam Neeson’s new movie just released that is already trending on Netflix and lasts 2 hours

One of the last productions that Liam Neeson filmed premiered on Netflix and the thriller is among the most watched movies on the streaming platform.

Also, the direction of the film starring the charismatic Reynolds was in charge of the Canadian Shawn Levy, recognized for his penchant for science fiction and fantasy.

Project Adam follows the story of a supersonic aircraft pilot who in 2050 is forced to travel to the past and return to 2022 with the crucial goal of saving the world from an eventual temporary catastrophe.

The brave aviator, played by Ryan Reynolds as an adult, meets his own pre-teen self and together they must stop him from inventing time travel that threatens their future. Ideal for a rainy night and lots of popcorn.

Beyond the plot itself, the curious thing about the film is that it brings Garner and Ruffalo back together, who had played a thirtysomething couple in the remembered If I had 30 from 2004.

Another of the striking data is that Netflix shared a video on social networks that shows one of the daily pleasures of Zoe Saldana, who plays Ryan’s wife in the film.

I drink mate, I like it. It actually started when I was young, living in the Dominican Republic, where we had some friends who were Chilean and Argentine, who went to the same school as me,” said the actress.

And he added: “The first time I tried it I felt so awake and I did so well on that exam that I gave it to mate”. However, it was not until 10 years ago that he rediscovered the classic Argentine and Latin American concoction.

“I met a makeup artist who, to this day, is my makeup artist, Vera Steimberg, who drinks mate every day. And that’s when I was able to rediscover my romance with mate 10 years ago”, revealed Zoe between laughs.


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