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Millie Bobby Brown has battled every kind of monster on screen so far, be it Demogorgons stranger thingsor in Victorian patriarchy enola holmes Movies. And next, she’s heading into a different battle: against a giant, fire-breathing dragon. In young woman, his Princess Elodie is given an unenviable destiny, swallowed by a predatory mythological beast – unless she can flip the script on typical fantasy tropes and fight her way to freedom. The fairy tale rules are going out the window.

“Traditionally the princess is always the victim,” young woman Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo explains Empire In the 2024 preview issue. “But here he has to save himself; No one is coming to help him. I have always had a strong affinity for medieval fantasy stories, especially those with a fairy-tale aspect. But this really turns them upside down. “I love this darker take on these stories, and how it makes them a contemporary adventure.” Topsy-turvy, you say? It’s no surprise that Brown takes center stage.

If Elodie is rewriting the script of the traditional damsel in distress, she’s also facing a flame-breathing foe. The plan is to create a dragon that you have never seen before. “The Dragons have a very high benchmark,” admits Fresnadillo. “We worked hard on a new concept that is a really great meeting point between the imaginary creature (and) the real one. The dragon is a character in this film, not just an animal but something more.” flame on.

Empire The Fall Guy Issue

Reading Empireis full young woman Story in the 2024 Preview issue – also included fall boy, Nosferatu, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, kingdom of the planet of the apes, and more – on sale Thursday 23 November. Pre-order a copy online here. young woman Will arrive on Netflix in spring 2024.

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