It looks great! This is the first photo of Margot Robbie as the Barbie doll

The 31-year-old blonde interpreter can finally be seen characterized as the doll that, throughout its history, has had changes in attitude towards the public and endless professions.

In addition to being the star of the movie, margot robbie She is producing it through her company LuckyChap Entertainment, a company with which she assures that she seeks to deviate a little from the conventional.

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margot robbie

A few months ago he told The Hollywood Reporter that the objective of the live-action film about the Barbie doll is to surprise and break any type of expectation.

“Whatever you’re thinking about it, we’re going to give you something totally different, that you didn’t even know you wanted,” he assured the outlet in an interview.

Margot Robbie stars in the movie Barbie
margot robbie

the direction of the film Barbie is in charge of the filmmaker Greta Gerwigwho stood out in 2017 with the tape Lady Birdfor which she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Direction and Best Screenplay, and starred saoirse ronan Y Timothee Chalamet.

In addition to Margot Robbie in the title role, the Barbie movie will feature Ryan Gosling as Ken, and performances by other figures such as Will Ferrell, America Ferrera Y Michael Cera.

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