It remains the most charming series about a cold-blooded murder.

A burnt-out former TV star, a failed theater director, and an arts millennial, the three live in a historic apartment building in Arconia, New York, but have nothing in common other than their passion for the same true crime podcast. . When a suspicious death occurs at home, the trio, brought together by chance, begin to investigate the case themselves and, inspired by their favorite show, record the events on a podcast. It first appeared late last summer. homemade killer It promised to be a simple parody of the genre, and while it humorously portrayed our obsession with unsolved murders, it could speak volumes for its huge heart and the personalities of the three leads.

Steve Martin, who plays Charles-Haden Savage, a TV series star turned bitter old man who hates humans, originally wanted to make a comedy about old people trying to solve a murder case. Martin Short as debt-ridden Broadway director Oliver Putnam fit the bill perfectly. Martin and Short are true comedy legends who have worked together countless times, from Saturday Night Live’s sketch show (The Three Amigos) to joint stand-up nights. But the family duo between the two finally expands with a surprising third member, Selena Gomez, known primarily as the pop star, who plays one of Arconia’s most mysterious residents, former child detective Mabel Mora. The three lonely people throw themselves into a podcast as an escape of sorts and, God willing, as the mystery unfolds, they gradually become friends and begin to heal their and each other’s past hurts.

While Martin glorifies the grumpy old man and the series’ drama queen shorts, Gomez grapples with the hype of ’70s comedians with an unpopular face and dry humor, and the writers don’t hesitate to turn to sources. of the jokes made by the generation gap. They do all of this without offending either party, and they also make lovable characters out of overused age stereotypes. The confluence of modern and classic can be seen not only in characters of different ages, but also in Agatha Christie’s combination of crime and true crime genre, ancient and progressive history at the same time, as well as in the design. visual.

Speaking of the view: homemade killer An ode to New York, which is the coolest and most wonderful place in the world. In addition to Agatha Christie, the series evokes the grande dame of New York romantic comedies, Nora Efron (Harry and Sally, throughout the spell of love), who herself lived in Arconia and was at least in favor of the building (and the whole city). ) as the fictional residents of the series. The vibrancy of the blazer’s fabric echoes in Efron’s blockbusters, Gomez’s remarkable wardrobe apartment interiors, and Arconia’s dream apartments; it’s no coincidence that a fan of the podcast said in season two that the trio made the murder intimate.

The lesson was taught to the creative duo, Steve Martin and John Hoffman (searching…, Grace and Frankie), that season 2 would jump over the top, which they either did or didn’t. The typical story of one season was backed up by the ending with a cliffhanger for the next, and the story was also twisted enough that its continuation didn’t feel like a full iteration. This time, the creators of the podcast became the subject of his favorite show, as the president of Arconia was murdered in Mabel’s apartment. While co-host Cinda Canning (Tina Fey) starts her own podcast about Bunny’s death, the Mabels have also started taping the second season of their show, but their job is complicated by the fact that someone wants to pin the murder, as incriminating. Evidence turns up regularly in her apartment.

Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin – Source: Disney+

The trio now embark on the investigation as a family team that, although the tension and hilarious situations are lost in the fake period of the first season, the actors enjoy each other’s company so much that it is a joy to watch them. And not only the trio is doing well, but also the entire cast. This season’s guest stars include Cara Delevingne, who plays Mabel, the show’s flashy director, and Amy Schumer, who plays a cartoon version of herself, who doesn’t quite find her place on the series, but the cameo of Shirley MacLaine is beautiful and the actors playing Residents are still flawless. After the unforgettable standalone episode of the first season (which put a deaf person in Theo’s perspective), this season also contains one of the best episodes about a supporting character. In the episode featuring The Last Bunny Day, played by Jane Hodeshell, we learn about the man behind the obnoxious council president, who sacrificed his entire life for the beloved building and cared for the residents more than they knew.

Given that the sequel took less than a year to put together, it’s no surprise that the new season of The Murderer in the House is less compact and a little less gripping. The main characters have learned the evolution of the most important character in the previous season, so they are basically playing in one place, and while the book continues to analyze Charles and Oliver’s upbringing complexes, as well as Mabel’s shocks, it remains simplified and unexplained, and some threads are cut or twisted very quickly. The generational sense of humor still works great, though, and now GenZ has joined in, too: In one of the season’s funniest scenes, Mabel panics when she spends a minute with Charles’ TikTok-speaking ex-stepdaughter. .

In addition to character development, the murder mystery is painted in a thicker, broader brush in the new season, making it less appealing, and though the writers engage with this self-reflective in the series (podcast fans criticize the new season, Oliver comments on the challenges of the sequels), they still haven’t excused themselves from this. On the other hand, the last big reveal turned out to be a hit, even though it has incredible twists and turns. The charm of modernity is over, but the joy of seeing it again saved the second season of the series, which is worth loving even with its flaws.

The Murderer in the House can be seen on Disney+ in Hungary.

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