“It was great growing up with Mavis”

For the release today on Prime Video of Hotel Transylvania – A monstrous exchange, we met Selena Gomez, original voice of Mavis, at the press conference, together with the other voice actors: reflections on a funny goodbye also from Fran Drescher and Andy Samberg.

It is available exclusively on Prime Video the fourth and final chapter of the Hotel Transylvania saga, entitled Hotel Transylvania: A monstrous exchange. On the occasion of the release of the film by Sony Pictures Animation, we met at the press conference Selena Gomez, original entry by Mavis, together with his colleagues Andy Samberg (Johnny), Fran Drescher (Eunice, Frankenstein’s wife), Keegan-Michael Key (the Mummy), David Spade (Griffin the invisible man). In addition to talking about the new feature film directed by Derek Drymon & Jennifer Kluska, the speech could only touch the farewell to this beloved cartoon saga.
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Hotel Transylvania: A monstrous exchange, the themes of the new story

The plot of Hotel Transylvania: A monstrous exchange revolves around the human Johnny: theoretically Mavis should inherit the hotel from Drac, but the latter still does not trust the simply “human” son-in-law. Frustrated, Johnny then accepts Van Helsing’s proposal: get himself done transform into a monster! But the beam also ends up making our heroes human, including Dracula! A nice mess, which arises from the underlying theme of the story: is it right to try to be like everyone else?
Selena Gomez he gets around the problem with irony: “I would like to say as usual that you have to believe in yourself, but that’s not the only important thing. be alone every now and then, disconnect from everything else, I have few friends and among us we feel the coolest in the world! ” Fran Drescher unleash the wisdom of age: “Better not indulge what others want. You have to do what makes your heart beat. Success is being happy inside. Being yourself is the most seductive thing there is!”

Voice the Hotel Transylvania saga: a real freedom!

Dubbing a movie like Hotel Transylvania: A monstrous exchange it really means letting go, and she knows it well Andy Samberg, who at this lap goes wild with a Johnny also in a “monstrous” version: “It’s not a great challenge on the fourth lap. I always look at the style of animation they use. They make you understand that they want me to overdo it, you do it and then you discover that by animating it they go even more over the top! They never tell you: no, that’s too much! ”He echoes Keegan-Michael Key aka Murray the Mummy: “The greatest satisfaction in the art of dubbing? The idea of have no limits: with that look you can afford everything you can’t do in real life. It’s like being a child, you abandon yourself, you have to channel it. And they encourage you to do it! “Also Fran Descher savor this freedom: “What is the secret of good comedy? Physics is fundamental, we saw it in the Tata, even more so this is true in animation. Not even the best stuntman could do what animated characters do. Up to how far can these characters go ?! “
Fran feels like saying something about Adam Sandler’s absence from the original dubbing of Drac, officially absent for other commitments (luckily he comes back to us Claudio Bisio). He is replaced by cartoon expert Brian Hull: “Adam was already so over the top, fans won’t even notice. Without wanting to take anything away from Adam, who believed so much in the saga and in the characters.”

Hotel Transylvania A monstrous exchange: naked and raw!

When the gang of monsters turns into humans, all of a sudden Griffin the invisible man or Murray the Mummy they have a body. David Spade, amused by the idea that the former is completely naked, comments: “People didn’t think he was like that, I thought he was some sort of Bradley Cooper! But that’s okay, cartoons should be ridiculous!” Keegan is amused by the proportions. “Murray I imagined he was bigger, and not with hanging meats (but they made me laugh!), I had built my voice on a different aspect!”
Andy Samberg instead took the opportunity for a rematch, because his Johnny becomes a monster and he was finally able to abandon himself to various verses: “It’s a dream come true!”

Hotel Transylvania 4, the farewell of the cast

Selena Gomez it becomes tender when it reflects on the saga, for which Hotel Transylvania: A monstrous exchange represents a curtain: “It was nice grow with Mavis, I started when my life was different. She’s tough, but she always worries. I saw myself in the family conflicts, it’s always fun to deal with these topics with this surreal humor. “” Parents then get some jokes better “- comments Samberg -” I didn’t know the series would last so long, but I’m happy. “Spade also looks back:” It’s always nice when you are a part of something that works and continues to work. Of course, stopping is melancholy, but it is better than stopping without having lost quality. “
Key’s reflection is suggestive: “I will miss that moment when you see the finished product on the screen with your voice. I will miss seeing them! ”
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