It was known which actress would be Flor Peña’s daughter in the musical Mamma Mia

The young man wrote in the post, “They told me that the actress who is in talks to play Sophie in the Argentine version of the musical “Mamma Mia” is Angela Torres. The character is played by Amanda Seyfried in the film. ”

Reactions about it could be read immediately: “She’s the only one who has the talent and the age to do it”, “She’s so talented and no one can deny it”, “Angela Torres is going to break it like Sophie”. Has been”, were some of the comments that could be read.

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Laura Uffal announces which actress will star in the Argentine theatrical version of “Mamma Mia”

Without a doubt, Argentine theater is one of the most outstanding arts in the country. Often, the theatrical proposals that are presented are quite successful and among the few revues that have been released in recent days, it was known that “Mamma Mia” would come on stage. laura boil Gave information about it.

“Mama Mia”, is one of the most successful films in the music field. This adaptation is based on songs by Swedish group Abba, who were hugely popular in the 90s.

Recently, the entertainment journalist revealed who will be the protagonist of this theatrical piece that will hit the country in the coming months.

It became known through the Twitter account of Fede Bongiorno, one of the producers of “LAM”, that: “Account @laubfal He flower rock She will be the actress chosen to star in the Argentine version of “Mamma Mia” at the theatre. She will play the character of Donna, played by Meryl Streep in the film.

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