It was one of the most famous memes in the world and now it is a promise of American football

One of the most viral memes in Internet history
One of the most viral memes in Internet history

In 2013, on the extinct platform Came, a clip was shared of a young American whose reaction to being mistaken for someone else immediately went viral. The face of the little African-American trying to look away caused so much grace that his capture has been shared countless times by millions of people who turned him into a meme. Now, nearly 10 years later, this boy’s story shocks America.

Is that dieunerst collin He has become a promise of American football. At 19 years old, while she stands out as a player of the Lake Erie Collegethis American who is studying to become a sports analyst and manager has become a figure of the most popular sport in the USA and there are those who predict a future in the nflthe most important division.

collin He often jokes on his social networks about what happened almost a decade ago when someone recorded him in a fried chicken joint and caused such a cute and funny reaction that catapulted him to fame. Of course, the curious thing about this virtual world is that no one who made his image go viral knew his name, until a few months ago he was chosen as one of the great promises of American football.

In 2021, the player was one of the key pieces of the East Orange Campus school that won the New Jersey state championship title. When he received the award for also being selected to the division and conference season’s “All Team” many people recognized him as the kid who went viral in 2013.

Collin serves as offensive lineman
Collin serves as offensive lineman

It was then that the story reached the ears of the fried chicken chain Popeye’s, in whose store the famous scene that triggered the meme was recorded. Given this, collin He did not hesitate and began a campaign to find the minds behind the company. This week, as reported Front Office Sports, The kid internet sensation and the fried chicken company have signed an endorsement deal.

That viral video has finally borne fruit in the life of this American student who shines as an offensive lineman for his team and calls himself The Killer Whale King. It is that with his 1.82 meters tall and his almost 150 kilos, he manages to perfectly protect his quarterback and his performances in youth leagues already excite the NFL.

It is that beyond his skills, collin He has something that no other prospect in his category has: fame. This may pose a temptation for franchises in the future who are excited to run campaigns promoting the kid who went from meme to star.

Collin is one of the great promises of American football
Collin is one of the great promises of American football

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