It was revealed who threw a stuffed animal at Taylor Swift during her last rendition

singer Taylor Swift experienced a tense moment during her third recital in River PlateSince some object was thrown at him and he could not hide his fear, So his fans took it upon themselves to find the culprit,

During Taylor Swift’s show on November 12, a song was being played on the piano in the initial part of the stage. A person threw an object at them unknown what it was, A few minutes later it was confirmed on social networks that it was so a teddy of considerable size,

This caused the singer to express herself against what happened and ask them not to do it: “I get really scared when they throw things on stage, so please don’t do that.“. These words quickly went viral on social networks, So it left the Argentine people in a very bad situation.,

Therefore, it is important to note that the object that was thrown was a stuffed animal of Dr. Simi and The culprit is a Mexican man whose name has not been released., but it has been criticized on social networks. the reason behind this So that the people of Argentina do not get blamed for what any foreigner didBecause they were on their best behavior during the three days of Taylor Swift’s performance.

The Mexican who threw Taylor Swift’s stuffed animal into the river

The Mexican is responsible with two Dr. Simi dolls.

The Mexican is responsible with two Dr. Simi dolls.

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