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Dwayne Johnson vs Vin Diesel

It is not news that Dwayne Johnson And Vin Diesel do not particularly love each other, the confirmations are now many for how much Michelle Rodriguez described them as two friends divided by some differences. Reductive to describe a relationship – according to some a ‘feud’ – that has been going on since 2016, when The Rock published a post on Instagram giving to the other component of the Fast Family of the ‘unprofessional’, at the very least.

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A post that Johnson regrets today, not in substance, however, but only for the consequences it unleashed. Although not all of them. “I meant what I said. For sure, – the actor reiterated at Vanity Fair, – but expressing it publicly was not the right thing to do “.

“It caused a firestorm… interesting enough – he explained better, telling – as if every single member of the crew had found their way to me and silently thanked me or sent me a note. But, yes, I shouldn’t have shared it. Because ultimately, this goes against my DNA. I don’t agree with such things. The public doesn’t need to know ”.

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For this he emphasizes “It wasn’t my best day”, although he is convinced that “nothing in particular has happened”. In the meantime there was also a meeting between the two concerned, even if – speaking about it – he remembers it like this: “I wouldn’t call it a peaceful meeting, more a clarification. He and I had a nice chat in my trailer, and that’s when it became really clear that we are at both ends of a spectrum “.

“We are two different people and we approach the film business in two very different ways”, he clarified before returning to talk (controversially?) about his approach to work: “I enter every project giving my best. Every day at work I look at all my mates as an equal partner, I look at the Studios in the same way, and at the crew, with respect and humility, respectful of the process and of every other human being who is putting in as much time, hard work and sweat, if not more”.

At the time he chose to return in the franchise as long as he and Diesel didn’t share the set and the scenes, “to avoid drama”, thinking “it was the best thing to do. For everyone”. And so it will probably continue to be.


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