Italian trailer of the Ultrawide format shows us support for 21: 9 –

God of War will be available on PC from January 14, 2022 and will support resolution Ultrawide, which is the 21: 9 format. Sony PlayStation has therefore released a trailer in Italian dedicated to this feature: you can see the video above.

The God of War Ultrawide trailer shows us various game sequences in 21: 9 and makes us feel the Italian dubbing. We can see various parts of the game world, including some end areas and some scenes are considered spoilers. If you don’t want any kind of anticipation, it’s worth it so don’t watch this video.

The English version of the God of War Ultrawide trailer also includes the following Description which we offer in translation: “Immerse yourself like never before. Travel through the Norse kingdoms, admiring breathtaking panoramas in panoramic widescreen format. With 21: 9 ultra-widescreen support, God of War offers a cinema-quality experience that further expands the seamless original theatrical vision. His revenge against the gods of Olympus is now history, Kratos now lives as a man in the realm of Norse gods and monsters. It is in this hard and merciless world that he must fight to survive … and teach your son to do the same. ”

In our review of God of War on PC, we explained to you that: “God of War arrives on PC with a well-optimized conversion and able to generate with a very high frame rate even in native 4K as long as you have a configuration to ‘ However, this does not mean that mid-range and low-end computers have been cut out because the native support for NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FidelityFx Super Resolution is able to strongly push the frame count up without noticeable decreases in frame rate. quality, especially in comparison to the original work on PS4 and PS5. It is clear that from a conversion available almost 4 years after the console launch, we would have expected greater granularity in the graphics options and, possibly, the total configuration of the controls too with the pad, but in front of this godsend it’s really hard to complain. If you haven’t done it yet on PlayStation consoles, absolutely play God of War in ver PC sion: undoubtedly the best to see and deal with. “

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