Italian Youth Centers Cup: Cardano and Roccolo qualified for Castelfranco

All ready for the Italian Cup Youth Centers of archery which will take place in Castelfranco dell’Emilia, in the province of Modena, between 4 and 5 December next. It is realized for the first time but in the intentions of FITARCO it will constitute an important basin from which to draw in anticipation of the selection of new recruits for Youth Olympics of 2026.

A first-hair event for the participating companies, including some of our territory, such as Tre Torri Archers of Cardano Al Campo and the Archers of Roccolo. To these are added ADP Kosmos Rovereto, ASD Arco Club Riccione, ADSSC Arcieri di Stanto Stefano, ASD Castenaso Archery Team, Comp. Dilett. Archers Decumanus Maximus, ASD Arc. Sagittario del Veneto, ASD SSdL Arcieri Bosco delle Querce, ASD Arcieri Thyrus, ASD Comp. Arcieri Varian, ASD Malin Archery Team, ASD Arceri del Piave, ASD Comp. Arc. City of Pescia, ASD Arcieri Curtis Vadi, ASD Y Arco Club.

The program of the races is divided as follows: on 4 December at 15:00 there will be the first round at the Sports Hall of Castelfranco dell’Emilia, while the second shift will begin at 17:30. The next day there will be the start of the first group stage at 9:00 until 11:00 when the second stage begins. At 14:00 it will be the turn of the semifinals and finals to follow, with the final award ceremony at the end.

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