”It’s a girl!”: Pepe Aguilar expressed after being questioned about Ángela Aguilar’s recent controversy

The singer would have maintained an ephemeral relationship with Gussy Lau.

Recently Pepe Aguilar gave an interview for the program ‘Wake up America’ where he was talking about his new album titled ”To measure”.

This is my 30th album, I swear I don’t remember if it’s the 29th or the 30th but anyway there are already many and I’m happy to deliver a new one at this point that is so complete, because if you haven’t listened to it I ask you to listen to it”, mentioned the singer.

However, it was not the only topic that was touched on. Alan Thatcher He asked the famous man how he felt about the recent controversy starring Ángela Aguilar.

Pepe Aguilar’s response

Pepe assured that these types of situations are the ones they are exposed to because they have a public life as a singer, and it is because of this that they will eventually speak in broad strokes about such. experience.

“Everything comes to light, suddenly in a way that it is not, or in ways that are distorted, or what has to come out comes out. We as a family have handled this situation, because it is a family situation and we are treating them as such, and we will continue to treat them that way, ”he said.

He further added that Angela she was still a child who lacked certain experience to know how to handle things better.

“She is a girl, she is 18 years old, she is a girl! And parents who have daughters of that age will know that they are girls, and at a certain point you have to have experience to know how to handle the things in life that come your way. ”.

To conclude, he assured that he was not a spokesperson, neither for her, nor for Leonardo, nor for Emiliano, so if there is more to talk about, they will be the ones who talk about what happened, in this case Ángela.

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