“It’s about bringing the Elden Ring full circle.” Shadow of Airdtree is a tribute to Game of Thrones creator Elden Ring.

Hidetaka Miyazaki explains that George R.R. Martin gave them “this cool mythology to work with.”

Many players returned to Elden Ring because of Shadow of Airdtreelong-awaited DLC, combining new locations, more difficult battles and unpublished parts knowledge games. While it’s true that conversations among users revolve around the bosses discovered and the battles they offer, Miyazaki is mindful that the expansion’s story expands on what was seen in the base title. In fact, this new adventure serves honor the contributions of George R.R. Martinauthor of the novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” (TV series “Game of Thrones”), in experience.

As mentioned in his first speeches, knowledge “Elden Ring” was born as a result of collaboration with this famous writer. And, unsurprisingly, some of Martin’s imagination also permeated The Shadow of Airdtree. Ultimately, the expansion is mainly focused on MichellaMalenia’s brother, so we are talking about an experience that, in addition to implementing new tasks for users, also “closes the loop” by Elden Ring.

At least that’s what Miyazaki says in an interview with the publication Edge: “It’s really about complete the circle of Elden RingAnd the FromSoftware team has good reason to be grateful to the Game of Thrones creator, as the director remembers Martin giving them “this great mythology to work with.” knowledge While Elden Ring continues to generate much debate among the most passionate Souls users, there is no doubt that the community is excited about the setting and overall story of the experience.

Players have criticized Shadow of the Erdtree for performance issues and difficulty.

Regardless, it’s clear that Airdtree’s Shadow plays a major role in many topics of conversation. And while some of these negotiations are focused on knowledgeAlso There are many criticisms of this experience.; According to Steam reviews, the public particularly notes performance problems And high difficulty extensions. For this reason, the DLC was released on the Valve platform with a “Various” rating.

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