It’s Cinema: With Alberto Rodríguez, Miguel Herrán, Javier Gutiérrez and Aura Garrido

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Do not worry dear

Focused on the 1950s, Do not worry dear (yes, we think it’s missing a comma in the title) narrates the story of a seemingly happy couple (played by actress Florence Pugh and the singer Harry Styles). They live in a quiet American community, where he works for a large corporation, while she is a dedicated housewife. Little by little, her concern begins to show when start discovering details about Project Victory, the work that her husband is developing. While the rest of the female employees dedicate themselves to being discreet and submissive, she start asking questions and to realize with horror that her happiness and her peaceful life are more in danger than ever.

Model 77

A young accountant who is in jail and awaiting trial for an embezzlement for which he can be sentenced to prison between 10 and 20 years, a disproportionate punishment for the money he appropriated. We are in 1977, and in the La Modelo prison rules the law of the strongest. Despite having little hope of achieving freedom, the young man does not give up and joins a group of common prisoners that is being organized to demand better conditions. If things are changing outside, inside the prison they will have to change as well. It is the starting point of COPEL, the Coordinator of Prisoners in Struggle. Arconada receives Alberto Rodríguez in the studio and actors Javier Gutierrez and Miguel Herran.

crimes of the future

film of david cronenberg science fiction that takes us to a not too distant future in which humanity learns to adapt to its synthetic environment. This evolution leads to humans beyond from its natural state a metamorphosis that alters its biological composition. While some embrace the limitless potential of transhumanism, others are wary of its consequences.

Saul Tenzer (Viggo Mortensen) is an artist who has embraced this new state, bringing forth new and unexpected organs in your body. Together with his partner Caprice, Tenser has turned the removal of these organs into a show so that his faithful followers marvel at his ‘performances’. But, with the government and a strange subculture hot on his heels, Tenser is forced to consider what would be his most shocking performance yet.


The new film project as director of Paco Leon, narrates the initiatory journey of a teenager. It is a contemporary and very free version inspired by the literary classic The wonderful Wizard of Oz. With a script written by Javier Gullón (Advantages of traveling by train) and León himself, the film has an important presence of different artistic disciplines such as dance, fashion, plastic arts and, mainly and prominently, music. movie that brings Carmen Maura and Carmen Machi together for the first time.

The Silent Scream (The Case of Roe v. Wade)

film that narrates the royal crusade of doctors Bernard Nathanson and Mildred Jeffersonwho began a national battle to combat a conspiracy that led to one of the most controversial cases in United States history.

the worldseekers

Passepartout, a naive marmoset monkey, has always dreamed of going on an adventure. His chance comes when he meets Phileas Frog: an explorer and swindler, who has made a multi-million dollar bet. He will have to establish a new balloon sailing record for 80 days. From scorching deserts to mysterious jungles, from intrepid princesses to volcano-loving lobsters, Passepartout will discover just how big, wonderful and crazy the world really is.

Premieres on platforms

Athena – Netflix

After the death of his little brother (Karim) in an alleged police altercation, Abdel (Dali Benssalah) returns from the army to find his family devastated. Caught between a desire to avenge Karim (Sami Slimane) and his older brother Moktar’s (Ouassini Embarek) dirty business, he struggles to calm things down. The tension is increasing and her neighborhood Athena transforms into one besieged fortressand on the stage of a tragedy for the family and its environment.

The Perfumer – Netflix

To regain her sense of smell and her lover’s affection, a inspector teams up with a perfumer who uses lethal methods in order to create the perfect scent.

Lou – Netflix

Lou (allison janney) believes he has left behind a hazardous past, but his peaceful life is turned upside down when a desperate mother (Jurnee Smollett) begs to save her daughterwho has been kidnapped. Facing a tremendous storm, the two women risk their lives on a rescue mission that will put them to the test and uncover shocking secrets from their pasts. Anna Foerster is directing the film from a screenplay by Maggie Cohn and Jack Stanley. Bad Robot’s JJ Abrams, Hannah Minghella and Jon Cohen are producing.

Secrets, lies, passions and jazz – Netflix

‘Secrets, lies, passions and jazz’ is a sweeping forbidden love story revealing 40 years of secrets and lies to the beat of the blues that sounds in the canteens of deep south united states. Oscar winner Tyler Perry is the writer, director and producer of this film in which Joshua Boone and Solea Pfeiffer play Bayou and Leanne, two lovers involved in a doomed relationship. His ensemble cast also includes Amirah Vann, Austin Scott, Milauna Jemai Jackson, Brent Antonello, Brad Benedict, Kario Marcel, Lana Young and Ryan Eggold. The film features an original theme performed by Ruth B., songs composed and produced by Terence Blanchar —winner of several Grammy Awards and nominated for two Oscars—, soundtrack by Aaron Zigman and choreography by Debbie Allen.

Frame ‘Secrets, lies, passions and jazz’.

Charlotte – Movistar Plus+

The story of Charlotte Salomon -a great figure of 20th century art, less known than it should be-, told through an animation that captures the luminosity of her paintings, made in the dark times of Nazism. Charlotte Solomon She was a young German painter from jewish origin, with complicated family relationships, who was forced to flee her country to the apparent refuge of France in the face of the rise of Nazism. Aware that with the outbreak of the war her life was in great danger, she dedicated herself to frantically documenting the light of the Mediterranean with her painting, in order to leave her legacy to the world. The over 1,000 drawings in which Charlotte represented her life are considered by some specialists as the first graphic novel in history.

The film, which has a cast of voices in the original version of the first order (Keira Knightley as Salomon, Jim Broadbent and Brenda Bleythyn as his grandparents, Sam Claflin, Eddie Marsan, Mark Strong…) was presented at the Toronto Film Festival and was nominated for best animated film at the Annecy Festival.


In the Galicia of the 40s, Marina Quiroga (Aura Garrido), a daring upper-class young woman with the soul of a detectiveit is proposed catch the killer that haunts the city for months. But she will not do it alone, her faithful butler, Héctor (jean reindeer), will be by your side to help you. Together they will fight against all the obstacles to achieve it and will overcome the gender prejudices of the time, the resistance of the new commissioner or the attempts of Marina’s mother to marry her off. Arconada receives Aura Garrido in the studio.

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