its creator leaves the project due to harassment

AetherSX2 emulator is one of the best out there for playing PS2 games on Android. Unfortunately, its only developer has left the project.

The best PS2 emulator for Android is orphaned: its creator leaves the project due to harassment
Some of the PlayStation 2 games that can be played on mobile thanks to the AetherSX2 emulator

When we talked about him a few weeks ago, we considered him the best playstation 2 emulator for android for its ease of use, versatility and for having an active and constant support. However, things have changed, and a lot, since then, and it is possible that the days of AetherSX2 be counted

And it is that its creator has published a notice on the emulator’s official website, where he announces that he has decided to **cease the development of the project, due to the harassment you have received over the past few weeks, including threats of death.

The sole developer of AetherSX2 leaves the project: the app will continue to work for now

The communiqué begins by informing that due to the incessant impersonations, complaints, lawsuits and death threats, It has been decided stop development of AetherSX2 indefinitely.

Despite this, it will still be possible download the appand its operation will not be affected in the short or medium term.

Although not specified Where did the threats come from? to which it refers, does affirm that since AetherSX2 was little more than a hobby for the developer and did not obtain any type of economic benefit, “it does not make sense to continue working” on the project.

Alert, in addition, on alleged unreliable apps that masquerade as AetherSX2, and that users should avoid downloading to their devices. The only reliable applications are available on the official AetherSX2 APK file repository. It is also possible to download the latest available version of the app through the Google Play Store.

Since the development of AetherSX2 will not continue, at least for now, it is likely that over the months other developers will decide to pick up the work and continue where the creator of this popular emulator left off. In the meantime, we’ll have to enjoy AetherSX2 while it’s still possible.

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