“It’s hard not to philosophize about an engine”

It was one of the most anticipated press conferences for two reasons: first, The movie lover muscle that wakes up with each of Michael Mann’s new releases ,collateral, the last of the Mohicans, Thief, Two, the extraordinary nature of lead actor Adam Driver’s visit amid a strike by the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA.

The driver confirmed this a few days ago Union had granted extraordinary leave (a iapprentice agreement“inner consent”) for the cast of the film Come to the Lido to promote it during the festival. This agreement was made only because the production, and distribution of the tapes by STX Entertainment (in charge of O1 distribution internationally) have been independent, that is, they originated outside the circuit of the big studios and platforms.

“I am very proud to be here as a visual representation of what an independent production is, and the effectiveness of the commitments that allow independent films to be made,” explains Driver, who explains that his journey has been of minimal service. “It stops some of the bloodshed in the film world and allows people to continue working. But, at the same time, it forces us to ask ourselves: Why does an independent company have to commit to the union and why don’t larger companies?,

(Venice begins with ‘Kommandante’, a hymn to European brotherhood against all odds)

For Driver, staying in Venice is “a way of showing solidarity with this objective. I have come to support the union and the internal agreements.” Michael Mann has supported his position, and affirmed the freedom of production : “Adam and I took a cut in our salaries to make shooting possible, and no one at the studio has put any money down on the film.”

Ferrari don’t want to be biopic

As Patrick Dempsey recalls, Michael Mann decided to do this adaptation “at least ten or twelve years ago”, giving life to the pilot Piero Taruffi in the film. ,Parts of his life matched my view of existence.Despite the fact that we are completely different”, argues the filmmaker behind the latest Kill career among distinguished critics, Le Mans ’66 by James Mangold.

However, don’t want to be a movie biopicNor any comment on Enzo Ferrari’s responsibility for the many deaths at the track in the 1950s (39 drivers died, and not a few race spectators), although the press reported this as a result of the businessman’s harsh statements. , His motto is: “The more you make them (the drivers) uncomfortable, the better they drive.”

“Everyone will have a different opinion about Ferrari, but The film is about that loss, and his relationships with all the women in his life.Adam Driver explains. The women he is referring to are his wife and Motor House co-founder Laura Ferrari (Penelope Cruz), on the one hand, and his girlfriend of years, Lina Lardi, the mother of his second son, Piero (Shailene Woodley). Neither of them ultimately attended the press conference.

In fact, the film addresses a particularly difficult year just before the company’s tremendous growth during the 1960s. Michael Mann explains the reason: “I chose this year, 1957, because many of the conflicts that mark Enzo’s life collide: the company he leads to bankruptcy, he loses his first child, his marriage breaks up, Piero begins to doubt his family… These conflicts are universal and very dramatic in Ferrari’s life. And come together in a dramatic way.

very italian, adam drivers maurizio gucci and enzo ferrari have been

The actor does not attach much importance to his two roles as an Italian icon: directed by Ridley Scott with Lady Gaga. gucci houseas the grandson of the founder of the fashion firm, and now Ferrari, under the command of Michael Mann. However, Mann has only secondary interest in the reality of the story: “The biopics They’re linear and could be put on a documentary channel, they don’t interest me. A personal story set in Modena in 1957, giving the action a very specific moment in what is still a play whose actual source is far better than the one I invented.

(A promising Venice Festival suffers the absence of stars and the past of the Three Masters)

Although “it is similar to cultural anthropology: you have to go into the social structures of a very specific place and time (…). The hardest thing to understand was attitudes and social psychology: what was normal and what was not., Relationship with Lena Lardy or Laura, who was a very common woman in her time.

Mann wanted the scene to be abstract, but not meant to be a recreation of detail thought out: “I’m obsessed with doing it well”. they explained it The cars that appear in the film were built using identical replicas of the original cars., which he scanned and built from scratch, while the engine noise is that of cars of the time. For tonight’s premiere, in fact, expect a visit from the vehicle with which Taruffi competed in the Mille Miglia in 1957.

They admit that the film isn’t even about cars. adam driver explained it “We are not interested in the race, but in the mental state of the runners”, A crowd: “You have to be very careful and you have to concentrate, because you are in total danger.” Enzo, his character, has saved himself from death by building an engine and being fully present. It’s hard not to be philosophical about an engine. (How the pieces relate, waiting for the right timing and rhythm, trusting your reflexes and your intuition… It’s so beautiful and makes you aware of how many things can go wrong.’)

Patrick Dempsey explains the full awareness required for driving: “When you get out of a racing car you feel like you’re on the move. It’s hard to let go of this quiet enthusiasm, a condition we should all live in.”


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