It’s not out yet, but Astro Bot is already showing some promise. In addition to more than 80 levels, a free DLC will be added to the game in the future – Astro Bot (2024).

The adventure will be released on PS5 on September 6th.

Although we knew about its existence from a previous leak, the announcement of a new AstroBot This excited many players. After all, this adorable robot has become many users’ first contact with their PS5 through the also wonderful Playroom Astroand everything indicates that the Team Asobi project It will be “bigger and better” the experience that was integrated into the Sony console. And besides what was promised more than 80 levels and a thousand things that need to be done in every scenario, those in charge now ensure that There will be free DLC in the future.

Nicolas Doucet, head of the Asobi team, revealed this information in an interview provided by IGN. Although the professional did not share details about it, he says that the said content will arrive shortly after launch games. According to him, this will serve to familiarize more difficult levels to the original experience; specifically shorter phases that focus gameplay on platform specific issues.

These are all of Doucet’s comments on Astro Bot’s post-launch content. However, the community is already beginning to theorize about the possibility of seeing new references to PlayStation history; taking into account that the title will contain about 150 cameos Sony’s signature characters, additional levels can add more familiar faces to the robot’s adventures.

PlayStation has “fully opened the doors” to its characters appearing in Astro Bot

In fact, Doucet added in his conversation with IGN that PlayStation has “fully opened its doors” for the Asobi team to use their characters to power the vast Astro Bot universe. Therefore, it is highly likely that the team will take advantage of this opportunity for post-launch content. Astro Bot will be available on PS5 on September 6th.

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