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2023 has been marked by the advances and greater exposure of Artificial Intelligence, especially in skills such as drawing and writing. Simple questions, complete interviews (ChatGPT), disturbing expressions, unusual images and graphic possibilities, such as the future of certain cities if a historical event had not happened, which has surprised users. Interaction with this technology at times controversial and, at other times fascinating was taken to the cinema, ten years ago, in a romantic story starring Scarlett Johansson and joaquin phoenix and you can see it in Netflix.

He cinemalike all art, opens the door to possible worlds in its exploration. The story raised in 2013 it was also not easy to film. The actors had a tortuous scene, more than uncomfortable, in the simulation of a verbal sexual encounter: only with their voices, one of the most particular moments of the film.

Johansson recounted that Phoenix ended up fleeing the set after faking an orgasm. Only her voice was heard from her; of him, body and screams in a bed. The situation was disturbing for the stars: “You never want to hear your voice, and you definitely don’t want to hear what it sounds like when you orgasm. You definitely don’t want to hear what you sound like having a fake orgasm. It’s so gross. It was very strange”the star said on the Armchair Expert podcast.

The filming, which was challenging, did not just fall into a gorged state for the Joker actorbut also met Rooney Mara, with whom he became engaged three years later, in 2016. Although love did not arise spontaneously, the coincidence on the set generated a bond between the two. In 2020, their son was born Rivera name in tribute to the late brother of the American interpreter.

Joaquin Phoenix listening to Samantha through a headset (Photo: Annapurna Pictures)

Joaquin Phoenix listening to Samantha through a headset (Photo: Annapurna Pictures)


“Her” (“She” in Spanish) is the title of this romantic film, under the logic of science fiction, in which they star Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johanson in 2013. The film, directed and written by Spike Jonzewon a Oscar Award for Best Screenplay and is considered one of the best stories of its genre in recent years.

fiction has to Theodore Twombley and Samantha as main characters. The first is an on-demand love letter writer and she, a Artificial intelligence that helps her in her daily routine. The man, who is going through a divorce, falls in love with the operating system, with whom he even shares intimacy through his voice. He enters the state of love after love: between pain and a hope.

Spike’s proposal is risky but it does not escape the logic of the conventional love: a man who strengthens bonds with strangers through his romantic missives and, ironically, is disconnected from the rest of the people. His only solid relationship is with a very advanced technological tool, which could become, in a short time, a reality as it appears on the big screen.

One of the great virtues of “Her” is to show one of the many possibilities for the advancement and development of Artificial intelligence and how it would affect daily life. And, of course, exposing that the changes in the world do not mean that people’s loneliness, their marginality and their impotence to face the lack of love disappear.

Or also their integrity to overcome that isolation that is often reinforced in a world that is more than globalized, where humanity is rooted and stuck in the toxic fibers of the excessive use of social media and, why not in the near future, Artificial Intelligence. Theodore understands it at the end, when he is silent and, together with his neighbor, enjoys the sunset in silence, without that acousmatic voice that promised only comfort, a utopia.

Phoenix in a bed during the movie "Her" (Photo: Annapurna Pictures)

Phoenix on a bed during the movie “Her” (Photo: Annapurna Pictures)


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