its salty note in an Italian restaurant revealed

Kim Kardashian spent a few days in Australia alongside Pete Davidson.

The love story between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson continues. While the comedian is currently in Australia to shoot his next film, the reality star decided to visit him on Saturday July 16 for four days. The couple took the opportunity to spend time together and notably treated themselves to dinner at an Italian restaurant in Cairns, the Piccolo Cucina.

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576 dollars and a big tip

A server working that evening shared the star’s addition on social media. The opportunity to see what Kim Kardashian, who recently lost 7 kilos after a drastic diet, eats. Caprese salad, margherita pizzas, lasagna, truffle arancini, bruschetta, four-cheese gnocchi… The list goes on. Not to mention the desserts: two slices of chocolate cake and a Nutella pizza. No doubt the couple had to share this large order with their team. In total, the ex-wife of Kanye West paid the modest sum of 576 dollars and would have left a generous tip according to the waiter who photographed the bill.

See what Kim really eats! Kardashians star ‘racks up a $576 bill at an Italian restaurant in Cairns’ https://t.co/n3hIBwHmeW

—Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) July 20, 2022

Throughout this short stay in Australia, Kim Kardashian has done everything to stay…

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