“It’s scary but I was willing to die”

The great-nephew of the one who was president of the USA, john fitzgerald kennedy and ex-boyfriend of the singer Taylor Swift, connor kennedy he has fought in the Ukrainian war in secret. This is how he published it on his Instagram account, “I know this story is coming to light, so I want to get my post out first to get the most out of it and encourage others to take action.”

The young man of only 28 years says that “like many people, I was deeply moved by what I saw happen in Ukraine“and that when he found out about the existence of the Ukrainian International Legion “I knew I was going, and I went to enlist the next day.”

During his war journey on Ukrainian soil, he has maintained his anonymity since he wanted to be treated like the others, in equality of conditions. Only one person knew Conor’s whereabouts and only one person knew his real name. “I didn’t want my family or friends to worry, and I did not want to be treated by way of different over there”.

The lawyer’s son and JFK’s nephew, Robert Kennedy Jr. and of mary richardson kennedy He states that he does not have “previous military experience.” He acknowledges that the war in Ukraine “was not a great opportunity, but he could carry heavy things and learn quickly”, and he dares to affirm that “I was willing to die there”so they sent him to the northeast front.

Although he did not stay long on Ukrainian soil, only Two and a half monthsConnor feels proud of having risked his life fighting against the Russian invasion. “It’s scary. But life is simple, and the rewards for finding value and do good They are substantial.”

His father, Robert, as he expressed before the magazine People, did not welcome the decision made by his son. She claims to have had a conversation “angry” upon returning from the trip, due to the danger of it. Conor defended his position, claiming to have done “what he had taught her: stand up for their beliefs“.

In addition, Robert explains the confrontation between his position and that of his son regarding the conflict. “He knows that Ukraine has problems and understands that there are corruption. But he doesn’t like it putin“People publishes.

Despite the family tension due to the secrecy of his affair, Conor celebrates being able to meet the people “bravest” in their life. “My colleagues, who came from different countries, origins and ideologies, are true freedom fighters. Just like the citizens I met, many of whom have lost everything in their long struggle. against the oligarchy and towards a democratic system. They know that this is not a war between equals, it’s a revolution“.

The young Kennedy has launched his value judgment on the war and considers it to be the factor that will condition “the fate of democracy in this century. There is more to be said about the role of Western governments there.”

“For now, I’ll just ask you to help within your capabilities. Every day someone there sacrifices everything for lasting peace. They cannot be asked to act alone.” This is how Conor ended his publication.

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