“It’s the love of my life”

At one point he couldn’t take it anymore and the addictions and infidelities of Lamar Odom, who was one of the most famous forwards in NBA history, outweighed any love that might have between them. Khloé Kardashian could not bear another embarrassing episode, like the one suffered in 2013 -a video of Odom with a friend smoking crack and talking about how he was with other women-and by 2016 they were already divorced.

Shortly before that, while their final separation was being processed, Odom was found unconscious in a brothel with a stroke caused by an overdose. The businesswoman and influencers She stopped her divorce to be with him and accompany him while he got better and the treatment lasted, but his decision had already been made.

Still, the 43-year-old former Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers player hasn’t forgotten any of that. now that he is going through a much less turbulent stage of his lifealthough in the field of love he has not had the luck that he seemed to have found next to Sabrina Parr, his last known girlfriend, a personal trainer who was helping him with his rehabilitation.

Kim Kardashian at the LACMA Art+Film 2022 gala

Odom, who got engaged to her two years ago, watched as Parr broke up with him early last year. pretexting in a statement that she was not the right person to help the two-time NBA winner on that road to recovery “that he so badly needed.”

For this reason, in his latest statements to the news portal TMZwho has interviewed him in depth about his past, Lamar Odom has not hesitated to try to recover Khloé Kardashian, now that she is still single, ensuring that sometimes he dreams of returning to her or, at least, recover some of the friendship and complicity they had in the pasteven though he knows that he hurt her so much that his ideas may sound crazy to the public. socialite.

“I think so, that Khloé is the love of my life. Of all the women I’ve been with I can’t say that no other has made me feel as safe as she made me feel,” Lamar has assured, as well as that he would love to “take Khloé to dinner one day.”

“Yeah, be her friend again. But I am very shy and I am afraid that he will reject me”has explained about the reason why there is a barrier between them, as well as how he really wants her to find someone who loves her as, it seems, no one has known: “I hope the next boy in his life does better. I hope that he learned his lesson after being with me and Tristan [Thompson]”.

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