It’s the redemption fans are waiting for.

After the masterful work done with the remake of Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has left us speechless again with the remake of Rebirth. Whether you are historical fans of the saga or newcomers who discovered the world of Final Fantasy VII with the release of the remake, we can tell you now this second chapter will be unmissable when it comes out, and we test it for just over an hour.

The graphics are what you expect, the characters are the same ones that populate every fan’s childhood memories (from Cloud to Tifa, from Sephiroth to Aerith) and the combat system is the perfect mix of turn-based action mechanics and hack and slash. . Not having had much time on our hands, we can’t speak to the depth, side quests or the many secondary aspects of the game, we can tell you that we found the basic architecture very solid both in terms of exploration and combat. . .

With a variable group made up of three characters. we face a boss fight which tested us but also made us test the mechanics of group attacks. These special moves deal a lot of damage, stun enemies, and have pretty cool animations. There are one or two of each pair of characters, and they combine their two identities in one spectacular move.

As with spells or special moves, these attacks consume points that you accumulate using basic hits with your main weapon. The menus in which to select special abilities, well, the fight freezes so that you always have time to choose the best and most suitable lens. In fact, many bosses will find a way to trap your teammate in a limb or one of her specific abilities. Freeing them will have to become your first priority so as not to find yourself at a disadvantage.

To the delight of all lovers of these two chapters of the series, well, you will be able to control the legendary Sephiroth in main missions that explain the past of this world and introduce some equally legendary characters such as Tifa Lockhart. Here you will also be explained the improvement system, skill management and group formation to be able to better deal with each situation. Materia is the magical substance around which many events in the main story revolve, you will quickly learn how to use it because improving your skills is one of the main mechanics of the game.

There’s an intuitive crafting system, and above all, you can ride chocobos and help the babies of these iconic birds (yes, you can pet them) complete mini objectives to unlock fast travel points. The techno-decadent atmosphere is what you remember from the remake of the first chapter but this time the urban environments leave room for larger, more explorable sections Full of side battles and items to find.

Simply put, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have everything you expect and more. Rarely have we emerged from such a hopeful advance and with such a sense of redemption. It’s no secret that Final Fantasy XVI felt a bit lukewarm when it launched due to a series of innovations that we believe created too big a gap between the series’ DNA and its latest installment. However, with this remake, even in the short time we spent on it we feel at home, in a familiar but innovative universe and with iconic but contemporary characters. Now we only have to wait until February 29, 2024 to find out if we can confirm our first impressions, that is, that we have played an announced masterpiece.

– by Riccardo Lichene

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