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About to enter the month of October, little by little the desire to start consuming thematic content related to the world of horror are increasing. The relevance of Halloween is such that streaming platforms such as Netflix dedicate special attention to configuring their services, grouping scary movies and series in attractive categories for your audience. And it is that like any festival related to consumption, the day of the dead has gone from setting our agenda for a few hours to encompassing the commercial planning of businesses for almost a whole month. Today, to prepare for that scenario, we bring you the scariest Prime movie: The invisible man.

scariest prime movie
‘The Invisible Man’ (Universal Pictures)

As is the case with Frankenstein either The Portrait of Dorian Grey, The invisible man is one of those novels that have shaped the future of science fiction in literature and in the seventh art. The original story is written by H. G. Wells and part of the experiment of a scientist who, after becoming invisible, cannot reverse the process, this affecting him on a mental level. The big screen has adapted in on more than one occasion Wells’s book. The first incursion of the story into the audiovisual format took place in 1933, James Whale’s hand. But nonetheless, Prime’s most terrifying film is the latest foray into this story, released in cinemas last 2020.

scariest prime movie
‘The Invisible Man’ (Universal Pictures)

Starring Elisabeth Moss and produced under Universal Pictures and the Blumhouse label Productions, this invisible man is an attempt by the major for getting to have their own universe of monsters. Something similar to what Marvel has achieved with its superheroes, but transferred to the field of terror and adventure. However, the commercial failure of The Mummy by Tom Cruise has led to these being treated practically as independent stories.

This time, the classic novel has been configured around vulnerability and mistreatment of women. In this film directed by leigh whannell the protagonist is Cecilia (Moss). A woman who tries to rebuild her life after receiving the news that her abusive ex-boyfriend has passed away. To the greatest surprise, she has left him a multi-million dollar inheritance, but this will not be the strangest thing of all. Cecilia will begin to feel the presence of the man in a devious psychological game in which everything seems to indicate that the threat is alive, although invisible to the eye.

The invisible man is available for rent (€3.99) either purchase (€8.99) in the Amazon Prime Video catalog and also in the Apple TV + service.

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