Iván de Pineda and Luz Barrantes: the friendship that turned into an unusual love of 22 years and the reason why they never married

Ivan de Pineda and Luz Barrentes

More than one Argentinian boy will pay to stay at their place ivan de pineda At least for one day. Pinton, raucous but not overbearing, in her days as a model she worked with some of the most beautiful and desirable women on the planet. In addition to the container, de Pineda is a material. Highly educated, he communicates in four languages ​​and is an avid reader having read 300 books in six years.

Behind this educated and successful man was a shy boy who had difficulty making friends in elementary school. Ivan was born on 11 July 1977 in Madrid., His father was a bohemian from the Spanish upper class and his mother was from Argentina. They lived in Spain, but when Ivan turned seven, the marriage broke up; He returned to Buenos Aires with his mother and his two brothers.

The change was so strong, Ivan Tigreton and Pantera Rosa went from consuming the famous Spanish cake to discovering dulce de leche alfajores. He left the beautiful area of ​​Salamanca to settle in the beautiful Recoleta of Buenos Aires, where he lived in Madrid., He continued to play cars but gave up his dream of becoming a bullfighter.

His classmates at school nicknamed him El Gallego because of his Spanish accent, although he explained to them that he was from Madrid. Those “boys”, not “kids”, looked down on him: while he signed up for football, he attended literary workshops and represented classic works with puppets. In search of conversation with his classmates, he got the idea to make his class library, not a “little football”. He asked for five books from each of them and they got together to think of new words.

Iván was born in Madrid and when his parents separated, he moved to Buenos Aires with his mother and brothers.

A reader since he was four years old, it seemed the only friends that mattered to him were those hidden in books. He spent hours reading proposed adventure works by Salgari, Dickens, Dumas, Sabatini, Conan Doyle, Jules Verne and Mark Twain. the revenge Finished it five times. his favorite comic book character was miniature maltese,

At the age of 12, few would have imagined that El Gallego would become one of the most wanted men. The exotic features of his face were barely noticeable, hidden behind high-grade glasses cynically known as bottle bottoms, which aided his great myopia. When childhood was said goodbye, he met Luz Barrentes, Both were students at San Miguel, a private, mixed, religious (Catholic) school in the Recoleta neighborhood. She belonged to an aristocratic family deeply involved in the world of polo. His uncle, Hector Barrantes, was a famous polo player who in 1975 married Susan, an English woman who did not hesitate to leave her land and family for love. Their daughter, Sarah, would marry Prince Andrew in 1986, and Luz would become the Duchess of York’s first cousin. Luz and Ivan become friends. They shared outings and helped each other with some of the school work. Ivan liked humanitarian subjects but not maths, physics and chemistry. they bore him and once they had to give in December

At the age of 16, a tragedy turned Ivan’s life upside down. His father died of a stroke., In those days of pain, only affection can save the ship from sinking. And of course, Luz was among the fans who supported her.

At that time, his uncle Alejandro played a joke on him: he sent a picture of him to an agency. That time he called her for a photo session and she replied ‘no’. They called him again and after only ten minutes of work he got 200 pesos, which was a lot for that time. “I was a teenager, I used to play rugby, I used to go out with my friends and I didn’t have a penny in my pocket. Suddenly I found that I had such a huge amount of money and it was all in exchange for a picture of farting in a magazine. What they paid me was about… the equivalent of 120 beers! Eventually I invited all my friends over for a beer. It was madness”, Evan would remember.

His uncle Alejandro played a joke with him: he sent a picture of himself to an agency. There he would begin a long career as a model, which he had for many years. Luz was with him at a distance

Her non-dominant facial features, her slender figure and impressive mouth opened a space for her in the modeling world. He starred in international campaigns, worked with top models, traveled the world and received offers to work on television. became a show reporter Vs who was driving tommy dunster And valeria mazza

In 1999, at the age of 22, Ivan, as an interviewer or an interviewer, roamed the corridors of the channels. On one of those occasions he met an extremely beautiful 17-year-old girl who did not belong to the polo elite but to show business: Juana Viallgranddaughter of mirtha legrand, smile goes, appears, they fell in love, Romance became news. All the magazines wanted a picture of the couple, but they got flunked. Mirta was so pleased with her granddaughter’s boyfriend that she invited him to her show. Ivan shared a table Natalia Oreiro, Guillermo Francella And emilio dcBut not with gambling. Despite Chiquita’s approval, the courtship was not successful and they broke up after a few months.

Evan continued to travel, model, and be successful. “I saw Naomi Campbell changing naked After that, nothing can hold my attention” he confessed in a 2003 interview to Hombre magazine. In 2007 he participated in the Dior Watches campaign with the motto “I always find time for an adventure”. was the hero Sharon Stone. The pictures were taken in the back seat of a car and the actress was on her feet all day, “We were hugging. We did an adventure. It was barbaric. when it premiered low instinct I was 15 years old. It was on my mind the whole time.”

In that restless and nomadic life, Ivan found in Luz a person who not only understood his work but also supported him. Between chats and chats, they discovered that they were more than friends, and in the year 2000, a year after breaking up with Juana, his friend became his girlfriend,

Ivan and Luz were close but one day friendship turned into love

They began a relationship that was as free as it was unusual, as unique as it was uncategorizable. They were a couple for almost 20 years but did not live together, in 2018 they decided to live together but not married Not by the citizen, not by the church, not by the spiritual ceremony, not by the big party or by any intimate party.

this was when i was on the air Passwordthe entertainment program she hosted on the Telefe screen when she had a funny exchange with coast He was encouraged to explain why he did not marry the papers. “We’re going to get married one day, we’re too many years old to celebrate what happened, not what’s to come”He made a sign to surprise those present.

This was not the first time that the driver had spoken on television about not getting married. He once explained that adding the couple’s friends and family would bring the guest list to a thousand people. “We had to pay a lot of money,” he joked on the air of Pasapalbra on another occasion.

Ivan de Pineda and Luz Barrentes

in an interview with Florence Pena In Telefe’s morning cycle, Ivan wanted to offer a reservation about those statements. “Is it true that you didn’t want to get married because you were going to get a lot of money at the party?” the host asked Team Flowers True or False section. The driver immediately denied this information and assured that his words were taken out of context: “It happens that I will invite everyone who invited me to my wedding and I also have many friends,” He explained and assured the same thing he said in Pasapalbara: “We are thinking of celebrating the years that have passed, not the years to come, which you never know about.”

Regarding their strong bond as a private person, Driver explained: “the commitment has already been accepted and taken, Every decision taken is important to us. That’s great. I take things responsibly. We’ve built a very special kind of relationship that maybe a lot of people don’t understandBut hey… when someone has a relationship based on distance, things don’t stay the same.

“I am not married yet. I have been in a relationship for almost 22 years, which is more than 50 percent of my life. After such a liberal life, after so many travels, daily life and above all, it is very important Find a man who has been with me for so many years in such a wonderful and incredible way, Sometimes we didn’t see each other for 40 days, so the pandemic allowed us to be together until we could see before,” he closed his thought.

“I’m not married yet. I’ve been in a relationship for almost 22 years, more than 50 per cent of my life,” he declared (Photo: Veronica Guermann)

Two years ago, Ivan was awarded the Konex Award as the driver of the decade. Taking the award in hand, he thanked those with whom he got to work. He then dedicated a few words to his family: “I want to thank my mother, the beacon and shining light who has guided me my whole life, my brothers, my family, my friends.” And finally, his thanks went to Luz: “I want to share this with the person who has been with me on this incredible path of life for more than two decades, and who is here with me” and with a phrase Ended up as honest as it is romantic: “If I had to describe this man in a few words, I would say ‘Pochi, you are everything’, She simply looked at him and smiled with that smile that those who wake up every day to the glorious joy of loving and being loved.

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