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The former president of Colombia, Ivan Duke, He already has a new job in the United States. The Wilson Centera leading think tank in that country, announced Tuesday that the former president will join them as a distinguished member.

“We are proud to welcome you to the Wilson Center and have the benefit of your ideas and experience,” said Ambassador Mark Green.

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This is the center of thought that Duque will join and the benefits that the former president would have for being part of it.

What is the Wilson Center?

It is an outstanding think tank founded by the United States Congress in 1968. According to its website, it is a tribute to former President Woodrow Wilson, president of that country between 1913 and 1921.

Its main objective, they say, is to be a forum for “non-partisan politics to address global problems through independent research.”

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“The Wilson Center brings fresh ideas and deep experience to the most pressing political challenges we face today. We convene scholars to create a global dialogue of ideas that Congress, the administration, and the international political community can act on”, assures this ‘think tank’ on its official website.

This place analyzes topics such as forced displacement, the global economy, human rights, education, democracy, among many others.

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How did Iván Duque get to this center of thought?

According to the statement published Tuesday, the president and CEO of the Wilson Center, Mark Green, made a recent visit to the country along with some members of the board of directors. Duque’s adhesion to the center would be a product of said visit.

For the directors of the center, the former president had important leadership on various issues during his administration, so his arrival at the Wilson Center was highlighted by the director.

President Duque impressed the world with his leadership on so many fronts, from defending democracy, protecting biodiversity and dealing with climate change to responding with compassion to the millions of Venezuelans who fled tyranny to Colombia,” Green said in the statement posted on the website.

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What will be the job of the former president?

As indicated by the center, Iván Duque will join them starting in the fall of 2022, that is, towards the end of September, and will be a distinguished member of the Wilson Center.

Duque will work on issues such as forced displacement, actions related to climate change and other issues such as the values ​​of democracy.

“With the Woodrow Wilson Center team, led by Ambassador Mark Green, we will undertake initiatives that will help countries and private sector organizations deal with the climate crisis we are experiencing, as well as the migration crisis that is putting millions of people at risk. . It is a great honor for me to be part of this incredible team,” said the former president.

And what will be their working conditions?

Although the salary that the former president would have upon joining as a distinguished member is unknown, this ‘think tank’ is characterized by “offering complete and competitive benefit packages to its federal and non-federal employees,” according to its website.

For federal employees, the center offers a health benefits program, dental and vision services, a federal employee retirement system, and life insurance, among others.

For non-federal employees they offer: medical and dental plans; life insurance, disability insurance, business travel, retirement, paid vacation time off and paid parental leave, according to the website.

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President Ivan Duque Marquez

Former President Iván Duque Márquez.

The center’s payment system, they explain, is financed in two ways: with the annual appropriation from Congress (for civil service positions) and with donations and subsidies (in the case of positions of trust).

And according to Glassdoor, a portal in the United States that makes predictions about what an employee of a company can earn in today’s market, a program coordinator at said institute can receive an annual salary between 36,000 and 50,000 dollars.

An associate of the program, according to that portal, can receive salaries between 34,000 and 48,000 dollars a year.

However, both values ​​obey Dear of a specialized web portal and not to the official salary that the former president could receive as part of it.


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