Iván Márquez’ Mexican mafia also seeks to locate him after attack – Investigative Unit

A blurry photo of a man with blood on his chest, a handful of radio and cellphone interceptions, and images of a red helicopter with Venezuelan registration.

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That is the only thing that members of various intelligence agencies have achieved to confirm the version that Luciano Marín, alias Iván Márquez, head of the dissidence of the ex-FARC ‘Segunda Marquetalia’, was the victim of a violent attack in Venezuelan territory, as reported by EL TIEMPO for the first time 9 days ago.

The freshest information we have about the case is that ‘Márquez’ would have survived the violent attack with explosives, carried out by an armed commando in Bolívar state (central Venezuela). In addition, he remains on the upper floors of a private clinic, where he was transferred in a military helicopter.

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The hospital complex is located in the center of Caracas
and local sources assure that security in the area was reinforced in the middle of the week.

The other ‘Ivan’

Jesus Santrich

Seuxis Pausias Hernández Solarte, alias Jesús Santrich, died in Venezuela in May 2021.

EL TIEMPO has in its possession photos of a Black Hawk helicopter painted red, which had a Venezuelan license plate engraved on its tail.

According to intelligence sources, That was the device used by the armed command to move through Venezuelan airspace without being detected.

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And they add that it appears to be the same as, painted yellow, moved the armed command that attacked alias ‘Jesús Santrich’, on May 17, 2021also across the border.

Reporters of this newspaper confirmed that the license plate belongs to a device with other characteristics, linked to the state oil company PDVSA.

Helicopter Ivan Marquez

This is the red PDVSA helicopter with a license plate similar to the one used for the attack on ‘Márquez’. It operates in the San Tomé area, Anzoátegui state, an hour and a half from Ciudad Bolívar.

“That the wounded man is another ‘Iván’ is a smokescreen to hide or lower the profile of the attack on ‘Márquez,'” said an informed source.

However, among members of the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro another version circulates: that there was an attack, it was against ‘Iván’, but not ‘Márquez’.

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The information that are spreading is that the target of the attack was Iván Merchán, alias El Loco, another leader of the ‘Second Marquetalia’.

In fact, they add that It is the same as the blurred photo with the bloody chest that is circulating. And that the interceptions of the dissidents regretting the attack are due to his loss.

alias Romagna

Alias ​​Romaña was shot down on the Colombian-Venezuelan border. EL TIME revealed the photo of his corpse.

The Mexicans

But, according to official and press recordsalias El Loco Iván died in a confrontation with the Bolivarian Guard, in November 2020in the vicinity of the La Paturra farm, located in La Cochinera, Angostura del Orinoco municipality, in the state of Bolívar.

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“That the wounded man is another ‘Iván’ is a smokescreen to hide or lower the profile of the attack on ‘Márquez'”said an informed source.

And I add: “You want to generate doubt to avoid the impact of the action.”

Before the intelligence agencies, the Mexican mafia is likely to locate ‘Márquez’, alive, dead or wounded.

He also said that, before the intelligence agencies, the Mexican mob is likely to locate ‘Márquez’, alive, dead or wounded.

Apparently the message of the ‘Second Marquetalia’ to the incoming government of Gustavo Petro, about his intention to enter into a peace process, made several capos who traffic from Venezuela nervous.

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For them, a negotiation is the delivery of routes and partners and the Mexicans already work as locals in Colombia and Venezuela and are not interested in any agreement“explained knowledgeable sources.

second marquetalia

In August 2019, the video was published in which the commanders of the dissident group ‘Segunda Marquetalia’ announced their return to arms.


Video capture of dissident leaders

the official silence

“For them, a negotiation is the delivery of routes and partners and the Mexicans already work as locals in Colombia and Venezuela and are not interested in any agreement,” informed sources explained.

They also recalled that emissaries of the Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generación cartels they traveled to Caracas a few months ago to mediate in the war between the dissidents of ‘Márquez’, ‘Iván Mordisco’ and the ELN.

At the expense of members of the regime, the emissaries of the Mexican mafia reported that the fight being waged over the management of drug trafficking on the border with Colombia Illegal exports to Europe and the United States were harming them.

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The strategy of the Mexican emissaries was to contact colonels and generals of the regime so that, due to their military influence, they sought to sit down leaders of the Farc dissidents and with those of the Eln to pacify the regionkey in the criminal scaffolding of several of the most powerful cartels.

But everything seems to indicate that they did not succeed and that the mafia vendetta continues to affect the illegal market in which the Mexicans are the ‘masters’ of shipments.

FARC dissidents

Santrich, Romaña, El Paisa and Gentil Duarte, Farc dissidents who have died in Venezuelan territory.

So things, to stay alive, ‘Márquez’ would not be safe in Venezuelaas was demonstrated by the fate of his lieutenants ‘Santrich’, ‘Romaña’ and alias el Paisa.

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In fact, the best scenario for him is a peace negotiation in Colombia. But Mexican cartels also operate here and are not interested in getting out of the drug trafficking business.

Ivan Duke

Ivan Duque, President of Colombia.


Nestor Gomez. TIME

For now, Nicolás Maduro’s regime continues with its policy of silence in the face of the presence of Colombian criminal organizations in its territory under the tolerance of local authorities.

So far, the only official statement on the ‘Marquez’ case came from the Colombian President, Iván Duque, who confirmed EL TIEMPO’s scoop on the attack.

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“This is, at this time, information that is being verified, We are working intelligently to try to verify this information and as soon as we have corroboration, it will be reported in a timely manner.”, maintained the president.

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