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Luciano Marin, alias Iván Márquez, head of the dissidents that call themselves ‘Second Marquetalia’, remains stable in an intensive care unitapparently, from a military hospital located in Caracas (Venezuela), where he is protected by the regime.

Sources related to the intelligence agencies consulted by EL TIEMPO confirmed that, based on work carried out through informants, they have managed to obtain some information about ‘Márquez’ after the attack he suffered on June 29 in his camp.

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“We have managed to establish that ‘Márquez’ would have lost some fingers of his hands due to the explosion, but what would really have affected him is a blow to the head, due to the impact, which would have affected his brain and is what keeps him in an ICU“, the source assured this newspaper.

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In the same way, the source indicates that ‘Márquez’ is kept under guard and without access to any type of visit for “his safety and his condition.”

At the same time, due to his state of health, he ruled out an eventual transfer of the head of the ‘Second Marquetalia’ to another country to receive more specialized medical treatment.

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Fractured dissidence

After the attack with explosives on the ‘Márquez’ camp, located in the rural area of ​​Caicara del Orinoco, state of Bolívar, 198 kilometers from the border with Colombia through Puerto Carreño, Vichada, the dissident chief was transferred to Caracas in a helicopter to save his life.

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In fact, the ‘Second Marquetalia’, through a statement, acknowledged the attack but denied the seriousness of ‘Márquez’ health, which for the intelligence agencies is proof that ” ‘Márquez’ is not in a position to leave or record a video that can be used to attest to his state of health.”.

This situation has generated, according to testimonies from human sources, a larger fracture in this dissident faction; and without ‘Márquez’ they lose political power in the face of an eventual negotiation with the incoming government.

“The ‘Zarco Aldinever’ and ‘Walter Mendoza’ do not have the political strength to lead a negotiation and neither do they enjoy the loyalty of the few men left to the ‘Segunda Márquetalia,'” the source told EL TIEMPO.

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In addition, if ‘Márquez’ is not replaced, the sources consider that the ‘Second Marquetalia’ could be absorbed by the The nwho in Venezuela is his partner in the war against the dissidents of ‘Calarcá’, the heir to ‘Kind Duarte‘ and ‘Ivan Bite’.

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