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Iván René Valenciano, an intractable striker in the area, recognized for his power in his legs to define, is also direct and strong when he is given the floor on ESPN, the channel where he now works as a panelist. Miguel Ángel Borja’s attitude is something to talk about due to the goals scored that he has had lately and has wasted opportunities. After the 1-1 draw against Unión de Santa Fe, the bomber kept nothing to himself against Borja.

That equality to a goal in Santa Fe of the Junior of Barranquilla went wrong for the followers of the Junior, former players and journalists. Well, the Colombian team hit more than necessary, and Miguel Ángel Borja was involved in one of those actions, who was reprimanded in the match. Not only was his attitude negative for getting carried away by the tone of the match, but he wasted two clear chances to debut with victory.

Before the end of the first stage, Miguel Ángel Borja won the mark against Federico Vera, protagonist by the two goals, he eluded Santiago Mele, goalkeeper of Unión de Santa Fe and defined with an empty door with a slightly closed angle and the crossbar saved .

Already in the complement, after the two expulsions, Miguel Ángel Borja controlled a ball, and facing Santiago Mele he crossed his shot on the side. On ESPN, the shark idol, Iván René Valenciano exploded against the Cordovan attacker.

‘The best tandem on the left side is Hinestroza and Fuentes because they exchange positions, Hinestroza can easily play the full-back position. But not on the right side… ‘Cariaco’ closes, so when Viáfara goes out there, who comes is Borja, and Borja doesn’t fight you for an inheritance’, were the blunt words of Iván René.

The fans have also remained a little disappointed with the level that the Barranquilla club is showing in the League in fifth position. Despite that box, there is still no agreement with Juan Cruz Real and his results. A tough game awaits Junior who will visit Deportivo Cali after beating Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores.

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