Ivana Knoll surprises her fans by posing topless from the beach

Ivana Knoll, former Miss Croatia and also known for being “the bride of Qatar 2022”, delighted her 3.6 million followers with a photo of her on the beach in a swimsuit bottom, but also topless. The model became more famous at the World Cup for her risky outfits in the stadiums.

Its beauty is undeniable. Photo: Special.

After her participation in the World Cup in Qatar, where she saw her beloved Croatia win another semifinal, Ivana has spent a lot of time in the United States and on vacation in Africa. On Instagram, Ivana He has been seen alongside the rap megastar Drake or the actor Jaime Fox.

It looked spectacular

The beautiful influencer was seen in a chair with only the lower part of her bikini, which is blue, what surprised her fans the most is that she posed without the top part, although she covered her charms with her hands. As expected, he was showered with many compliments and the original publication has already reached 543 thousand likes and more than 6 thousand comments.

He stole sighs. Photo: Special.

Ivana has often thanked the people who are now looking out for her and has made her fame grow. “As far as my Instagram account is concerned, I would never have dreamed of this happening to me… I came here with 570k followers, now I have more than 3 million and that makes me smile. It is almost the same number as the population of my country,” he said recently in an interview.

he loves sports

Before Qatar, he had been seen in NHL and NBA games, as well as at the Super Bowl and the Miami F1 Grand Prix, held in May. She was born in Germany, although she moved to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, at a very young age, so she assumes she is Croatian and says that she has loved soccer since childhood, since her father took her to see games, since 2014 he began to support the Balkans in the World Cups.

He conquered many hearts. Photo: Special.


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