I’ve been using Steam Deck for 2 months and it has changed the way I play on PC forever

It’s already been more than two months since I received the Steam Deck. Has it met my expectations? Do I use it regularly? This has been my experience with Valve’s “console”.

I think it is, to a certain extent, normal to doubt a portable machine created by Valve. So far, Gabe Newell’s company hasn’t been very successful in hardware, let’s say. Therefore, many gamers might be hesitating if spending money on this laptop is a good move. After two months with her, I already have the answer. And the answer is that, for me, without a doubt it has been worth it. I don’t think it can be analyzed whether the console is worth what it costs in general terms, as is the case with other consoles. Steam Deck is a machine that It asks you first what use you want to give it. In my case I have been clear about it and my hours on the Steam platform have multiplied more than I suspected. There have been two factors that I think have been decisive: the first is something that not even similar more powerful machines seem to be able (or rather want) to match: the console touchpad. Having those two surfaces means emulating the characteristics of a mouse, which opens up the machine to a more than comfortable experience with certain genres like strategy games and graphic adventure games.

The result? I have been these two months truly taking advantage of the catalog accumulated over many years. Yes, the one where you always say “I’ll put on” and in the end you never do it with so much novelty that always comes. I have dusted off a lot of modern and classic adventures that I wanted to play and replay and the console has filled me with nostalgia and, above all, has managed to vary my gaming sessions a bit because I find it more comfortable to play them lying on a sofa than sitting at the same table where I spend all day grinding this keyboard.

The other side has been taken by indies and games from other generations. Both some classic works that I have replayed and the latest ones that have come out have been perfectly adapted to the machine. I have been able to vary my Rogue Legacy 2 and Loot River games between PC and Steam Deck and the experience has been very comfortable. In some cases, Another feature of SteamOS has helped: templates. The work that had already been done with the Steam Controller has been used to have a library of comfortable control schemes and to which you can add and edit the commands you want.

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With some emulators, for example, it has been convenient for me to configure extra buttons to access the menus or certain functions of the emulator. Little by little, in addition, other stores that are not Steam are becoming easier to use without installing Windows. Through the Heroic Launcher app, I was able to access the Epic and GOG store And while not all games work, the truth is that a large number of them do, with more being added as Proton compatibility improves.

Where are my sessions with the most modern games then? Well, honestly, in a very residual way. As I mentioned before, the Steam Deck asks you what type of player you are. i knew i wanted this machine to resurrect my accumulated catalog and take me back to other times of the video game, in addition to taking advantage of the entire classic and modern independent catalog. I’m not so interested in the newer, high-caliber experiences, because I prefer to enjoy them on a big screen and at maximum performance.

The machine is behaving frankly well with the latest titles on the marketWhich doesn’t mean they can’t be played. The machine is behaving really well with the latest titles on the market, exceeding 30 frames per second. I still see the sticks being inaccurate, mainly due to the slippery surface that makes it not possible to be as precise, but the truth is that I have heard few complaints about this, so it must be my thing. The important thing is that when you think about buying Steam Deck, don’t look at the console as much as yourself. What games do you want to enjoy? Do you have a good number of accumulated titles that can be more attractive thanks to it? Are you going to take advantage of its unique features? In my case, I already knew the answer to all these questions and also, when playing more modest games, the battery seems really durable. It has become that machine that I use day in and day out and that has helped me to vary much more between my catalog until it has become a machine that will not be for everyone, but for me it is already essential.

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