“I’ve done it many times”

This Thursday the actress Dakota Johnson, 32, has revealed during the virtual game of “Never Have I Ever” (“I never never”, in Spanish) with the American fashion magazine W Magazine that one of her favorite hobbies in this life is to surprise her fans on her wedding day by sneaking in the middle of the ceremony. “I feel like I’ve done it many times,” the actress confessed.

the actress of Fifty Shades of Grey and The social network, has recalled several anecdotes related to this strange hobby. Like when she was at a wedding she was holding the bride and groom in a chair and they couldn’t believe that Dakota Johnson was at her own wedding. “What are you doing?” they yelled at him in surprise.

Dakota Johnson at the Telluride Film Festival

Dakota Johnson at the Telluride Film Festival

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But Johnson is not the only Hollywood actress who likes to create these kinds of unexpected situations at wedding ceremonies. Tom Hanks, 65, has also once said that he has sneaked into the weddings of his followers.

The last one was in October of last year. The Oscar-winning actor sneaked into a wedding that was taking place on the beach of the Santa Monica Pier, in California (United States). The newlyweds were with their family and friends posing for wedding souvenir photos when Hanks appeared from behind on the spur of the moment.

Actor Tom Hanks stopped his daily walk to sneak into a wedding and congratulate the couple

Actor Tom Hanks stopped his daily walk to sneak into a wedding and congratulate the couple


That moment went viral on social networks and guests are heard shouting in the middle of the wedding: “That’s Woody!”, referring to the character of Tom Hanks in the Pixar movies toy story. The actor stayed to pose with the guests and the newlyweds.

After the moment became popular on networks, the newspaper Today interviewed the couple and they said that: “We were so involved in our moment that the fact that he approached was shocking and it took us a second to realize it. It was the icing on our big day,” the bride told Today.

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson together

Third parties

Regarding Dakota Johnson’s sentimental life a few months ago, her father, the 72-year-old actor Don Johnson, told Good Day New York that his daughter is getting married shortly and is happy he would be happy. In addition, the popular actor confessed that Dakota’s boyfriend, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, 45, likes him very much and is a charming guy.

“If she decides to get married, I imagine there will be grandchildren not too far away for that. I would be very excited about that part,” added the actress’s father. Dakota and Martin were first romantically linked in 2017 when they were spotted together on a sushi date in Los Angeles. Although most of the time they keep their relationship private, in July they were seen on a romantic getaway sunbathing on a boat trip along the coast of Mallorca.

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