Izkia Siches appreciates Ana Lya Uriarte’s arrival at Interior and appreciates her “commitment” to Gabriel Boric’s “transforming program”

After announcing the creation of the arms control unit, from the Pedro Aguirre Cerda commune, the interior minister, Izkia Sichesreferred this Thursday to the restructuring of the team that makes up the portfolio and, specifically, to the arrival of Ana Lya Uriarte.

The former chief of staff of former president Michelle Bachelet, lawyer and socialist militant, will be the letter with which the Ministry of the Interior will seek to conclude the profound restructuring of the team in which -weeks ago- the holder of the portfolio had been working.

As revealed on Wednesday The Third PMUriarte will disembark in the coming days to assume a strategic position: will serve as chief of staff of the Secretary of State, joining as the new strong woman of the portfolio.

I appreciate the commitment of Ana Lya and, also, of each of the workers who have joined the work of the Ministry of the Interior, committed to the program of the President of Gabriel Boric, a transformative program that requires the best in this performance”, expressed the minister on the arrival of the lawyer to the Interior.

Also, he specified that “I personally have been planning the reinforcement of our team from the Ministry of the Interior.”

“As you know, the Ministry of the Interior is one of the ministries that has a complex job, we take care of both security matters as well as the different contingencies that hit our entire country and, on the other hand, we are in charge of the cabinet and be looking at intersectoral work,” he added.

Informally – even before taking office on March 11 – Bachelet’s close former collaborator had already supported Siches’ management, but this time she will seek to provide the Secretary of State with greater “political backing.”

However, her arrival caused discomfort in sectors of the official ranks, since as chief of staff of the current United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, she had several disagreements with the leaders of the government collectivities, including with the same PS.

Uriarte was not the only Interior signing in the framework of the restructuring. As confirmed by La Tercera, a group of professionals with expertise on portfolio issues.

Leslie Sanchezdoctor in Public Law and independent -but close to the Liberal Party-, and the lawyer linked to the Radical Party, Bastian Espinozawill arrive at the ministry to focus on supporting the link between the Ministry of the Interior and Congress, specifically to address the security agenda.

In legal matters, and as direct advisor to Minister Siches, the lawyer Thomas Razazi (PS), who had already performed a similar function in the Interior, but during the Bachelet government; while in the international sphere, focused on migration and organized crime, the political scientist and activist of Social Convergence will arrive elisa araya.

To reform the communications team of the Interior -which has been openly criticized among the ministers of La Moneda- the journalist will take over as director vanessa azocar.

These names are added to the arrival of Alexander Urquiza (PC), who supports security issues, and Victor Ramos (CS), who will assume the intersectoral work of the “Plan Buen Vivir”. Both had already been previously announced.

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