J. Gómez, the jewel of German soccer wants to play a World Cup with Mexico


Will Mexico or the United States choose him? johan gomezbrother of the player of the Mexican team, jonathan gomezwould be in search of being able to emulate the trajectory of his brother and gain a place either in the Tri or with the United States National Team. Despite not having debuted in the First Division, the young Mexican-American has his sights set high.

Who is Johan Gomez?

The soccer player born in Arlington, Texas and from mexican parents He is currently a starter in the squad of PSV Zwickau of the German Third Division. He began playing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and later earned an invitation to the FC Dallaswhere a fundamental piece of the team stood out as one.

Although originally Johan wanted to get a scholarship to college began to realize his potential and the FC Dallas offered him a contract to play one year in the North Texas Soccer (second team) and then make the jump to the first team. However, Johan refused and sought to prove himself with three European teams, which took him to the lower porto.

“I was already very tired, I had been away from home for a month, but it was Porto“, he mentioned. “It has a very long history with the Mexicans. And there I stayed with PortoGómez told ESPN, who lived briefly and learned from Agustin Marchesin, Tecatito Corona and Hector Herrera.

“Sometimes I get messages from the United States. I have not heard from Mexico. There are very good leagues here in Germany. DI’m definitely going to start getting more attention and then have calls to the National Team because My goal is to play a World Cup. I lack, but there I go in the process“.

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