Jack Nicholson: 5 films to rediscover on CHILI


MILAN – A legend, one of the faces of American cinema most loved by the public, able to cross decades of history wearing political roles that represented the counterculture, but also to dress icons of the pop universe, comedies entered the elite of Hollywood production or dramas mandatory for every cinephile. And then, gangsters, fantasy, horror and that face, that smile, that grin and crazy but in the same empathic, to which it is impossible to avoid loving. Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Jack Nicholson, cheering Los Angeles Lakers, vote Democrat and we of Hot Corn we recommend his 5 films to (re) discover in streaming on CHILI.


Small big generational cult, among the New Hollywood posters: second work by Bob Rafelson and first real starring role for Nicholson, who plays Robert Eroica Duprea, pianist who rebels against the bourgeois and traditional orders of his family to venture on the road. Mandatory for those who want to deepen the years of star-and-strip protest, those in which making films meant opposing social constraints and conventions and expressing a desire for change. Jack was a pioneer of this sentiment. Where to see it (free): Five Easy Pieces

Jack Nicholson and Karen Black in Five Easy Pieces.


Very celebrated, much cited, but are you sure you have seen it? MiloŇ° Forman’s masterpiece, winner of the five most important Oscars (film, direction, male and female protagonist, screenplay) gives Nicholson perhaps his most popular and effective interpretation, that of a thug pretending to be crazy to avoid jail and in the asylum he is faced with the shocking treatment that is reserved for patients. One of the most powerful complaints seen in the cinema, still a punch in the stomach today. And Jack is a sore and unstoppable mask. Where to see it: One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

With the Indian Will Sampson in a scene from the film.

Craving for Tenderness (1983)


James L. Brooks’ most loved comedy, recommended for those who love the perfect cocktail of tears and laughter. Nicholson is incredible (he won the Oscar for best supporting role): former astronaut, charming, brilliant and sarcastic man, indefatigable womanizer who falls in love with the complex widow Aurora Greenway, played by an equally gorgeous Shirley MacLaine. Debra Winger and Jeff Daniels are there too, ready to tear your heart apart. A simply perfect film, which embraces the viewer’s need to get excited, telling him about second chances but also about the obstacles and tragedies of life. Where to see it: Longing for Tenderness

With Shirley MacLaine in Desire for Tenderness.


Beautiful and emotionally poignant human comedy, another product of the winning partnership between Nicholson and James L. Brooks. Contains one of the most beautiful declarations of love of all time: “You make me want to be a better man”. Jack is a mad misanthrope, obsessive compulsive, cynical and homophobic, a maniac of order and cleanliness, and finally a racist. Love is the medicine, the absence of love is the disease itself. The Oscar for best actor is sacrosanct, Helen Hunt also won with merit as best actress. And it was the year of Titanic. Where to see it: Something has changed

With Helen Hunt in Something Has Changed.


Bitter reflection on the third age of the almost always good Alexander Payne (director of Bitter paradise And Nebraska but also of a flop like Downsizing). Nicholson is a man who is finally retiring, but life does not reserve what he expected: left a widower, he embarks on a journey to go to the wedding of his daughter who is about to marry an imbecile. We often laugh, but be careful, because the aftertaste is very acidic: in any case, Jack is at his best and this is his last extraordinary performance as a leading actor. Where to see it: About Schmidt

With Alexander Payne on the set of About Schmidt.


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