Jacky Bracamontes and her daughters are in mourning; between tears they say goodbye to a member of their family

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Jacky Bracamontes Although he always shares happy family moments with his followers on social networks, this time He made his fans participate in a sad day for his daughters, especially for little Renata, who had to say goodbye to her beloved pet.

Through her official Facebook account, the famous Telemundo host shared a video in which she shows the moment in which while she and her friend are trying on clothes in her closet, The cries of desperation of his daughters, Jacky, Caro, Reni, Pau and Emi, are heard when they see that their hamster has died.

“My Reni said goodbye to her pet today. Today Reni’s hamster left this world and my little girl said goodbye to her pet in tears. How difficult it was to see her so sad, ”she wrote at the bottom of the publication.

In the pictures you can see how jackie Seeing what is happening, she runs to the aid of her daughters. He hugs them and explains what has happened, that their pet is gone but everything will be fine.

Minutes later, as a good mother, she helps them dig a hole in the patio of her house, to deposit the remains of her faithful friend and together with her daughters they pray to say goodbye to the rodent in an emotional way.

Daughters of Jacky Bracamontes
Photo: Capture Facebook

In response to the moving video, followers of the former beauty queen showed their support with messages of encouragement and comfort for the little girl, hoping that her grief would pass soon. “Beautiful little thing… poor thing”, “What beautiful girls may the Lord bless you”, “Poor little Reni”“Hugs to little Reni”were some of the messages they shared.

Watch here the moving video of Jacky Bracamontes with her daughters:

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