Jaime Lozano celebrated the perfect week of Necaxa and went to Repechage

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A perfect week in which he added nine points out of nine possible place the Necaxa among those who secured Repechagein addition to the fact that on the subject of the quotient it is almost a fact that they will not be part of the three that will be obliged to pay a fine.

This good action was celebrated by the technical director, Jaime Lozanowho announced the great atmosphere inside the squadsince from being a team practically evicted is now in the next phase.

“We are excited after a magnificent week, we are very happy, our esteem is at the top and there is a great. This team has a lot of ambition and is not going to settle“, assured the strategist in a press conference.

“Today everything went well for us, even fortunately because of the goal we scored. We release a fine issue and we continue to depend on ourselves to be as high up as possible,” he continued.

Now, the only thing that worries him is that his team is able to close the games in a better way and not suffer, as happened against Puebla, where they ended up locked in their lower part.

Flowers for Malagon

On the other hand, the strategist highlighted the good work of Luis Angel Malagon, who ended up being a factor in the game by taking a great shot at Diego de Buen who went straight into the corner. A great reward in exchange for not going to Gerardo Martino’s call.

“I spoke with Malagón, with Gerardo Torrado and I know that these matches are more complicated for some clubs; I spoke with him. I told him ‘as long as you continue to maintain these performances, Gerardo Martino will consider you’“, he explained.

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