Jake Gyllenhaal recounts the awkward scenes with Jennifer Aniston


Jake Gyllenhaal in an interview on the occasion of his new film, tells how embarrassing it was to shoot sex scenes with his crush Jennifer Aniston.

Jake Gyllenhaal he described some sex scenes with Jennifer Aniston like a real “torture”, explaining the difficulties the actors face while trying to make a scene realistic. The couple starred together in the 2002 love story “The Good Girl, playing two lovers who embark on an extramarital affair.

Gyllenhaal, who previously revealed in interviews that he has one “Crush” for the star of “Friends “, talked about filming the sex scenes of The Good Girl during an interview. “It was tortureGyllenhaal said. “Strangely, love scenes are embarrassing, because there are maybe 30, 50 people watching them? That doesn’t excite me, ”the actor said.


The actor also described the process of shooting the scenes as “strangely mechanical”, “It’s a dance, you’re choreographing for a camera,” he continued. “You can get into it, but it’s like a fight scene, you have to choreograph those scenes,” says Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal recently talked about this scoop on the occasion of the release of his new Netflix movie “The Guilty “, which was shot in just 11 days. The actor plays Joe, a 911 operator who tries to save a woman he believes is in serious danger.

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He said he always knew the film had to be shot in a short amount of time and says: “I thought each piece presented its challenges and tells you what it is and I thought from the start, and that’s how it was. I proposed it to [regista] Antoine [Fuqua] it was, ‘I know you’re not available, but we can do it in five days, and that would be really fun, don’t you think? ” and we both love a challenge, but I think it was embedded in the process and the story from the jump. ” Gyllenhaal’s latest film is now available on Netflix (click here to watch the film).


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