James Cameron Compares Avatar Sequels To Lord Of The Rings

James Cameron Compares Avatar Sequels To Lord Of The Rings

James Cameron Compares Avatar Sequels To Lord Of The Rings

In 2009, the first Avatar movie (83%) directed by James Cameron and starring Sam Worthington was released. At the time the film was a phenomenon for its use of 3D technology. Although films with this technology had already existed before, they had never been made in this way. What Cameron achieved with this blockbuster was unique. At the time it was believed that it would revolutionize the cinema and that from now on the other major film productions would imitate this technology. Initially, several tapes were available in 3D and eventually only another option returned in the cinema, such as seeing the tapes available in IMAX.

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james cameron always spoke of wanting to continue with the story raised in Avatar but he gave priority to other projects and it is until now that he managed to film the sequels that he wanted so much. For the tape they returned Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver and Kate Winslet joins the cast, among many other actors. Not much has been revealed about the plot but we have seen the first images along with the first teaser and it seems that Cameron would have effectively postponed the filming of the sequels until the technology to shoot underwater was available and achieve the visual result he wanted.

The script of the first film was quite simple, and it seems that the director just wanted the story to be more interesting and deep now. The idea that he had was to film the two films together, very similar to the filming process that Peter Jackson had when making the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (91%). On that occasion, the actors and all the production people lived in New Zealand for just over a year to film the three corrido tapes.

Director, james cameron, explains that one of his conditions for making the new installments of Avatar was that it be a story with continuity. Unlike many trilogies where the success of one movie inspires more to be made and the scripts are shaped by each installment, he wanted these films to feel like an adaptation of novels, where the story is complete from the beginning. In interview with Empire (via heroic hollywood) says it like this:

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What I said to the people at Fox on that occasion was ‘I’ll do it, but we have to play the long game, I don’t want to just do one movie, and then another, and another. I want to tell a great story. I told them ‘Imagine that a series of novels like The Lord of the Rings exist and that we are adapting them’. Now, that’s great in theory, but then I had to create the damn novels that we would adapt.

It seems that despite being a wish of his to give continuity to the film of Avatar, also had his doubts if it would be a good idea. Wanting to stretch out his success and eventually ruin what had been a good thing was one of his fears. It took him this long to feel safe with his proposal. He tells it himself:

I had to think long and hard about whether I even wanted to do another Avatar movie, because there was so much to lose. When you’ve done something that’s been so momentous in terms of success, do you really want to go and try it again? There was a lot of pressure on it, I thought about it for two years before finally coming to an agreement.

Waiting seemed unnecessary for those who wanted a sequel soon, but seeing the first trailer for the new Avatar installment shows that Cameron has put a lot of effort into making something worthwhile. The film is scheduled to be released in December this year.

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